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Compensation For A Slip-And-Fall Accident

Many people are surprised to learn that the single largest cause of emergency room (ER) visits in the United States is due to slip-and-fall accidents. According to the National Safety Council, each year nearly 9 million people visit the ER with injuries sustained in a slip or trip and fall.

If your injuries are the result of a fall on someone else's property, Boulton Law Group of Brownsburg, Indiana, wants to hear your story. It is possible that you have a premises liability case against the homeowner, landlord or business owner for failure to provide a safe environment.

Where Are Falls Most Likely To Occur?

Attorney Boulton has handled numerous premises liability cases throughout Indiana, and we have witnessed a number of these cases occurring in similar location types and under similar circumstances:

  • Fall in a grocery or big box store aisle
  • Fall or injury at a shopping mall
  • Falling merchandise from store shelves
  • Falls in parking lots/garages
  • Fall on snow and ice
  • Faulty staircases, e.g., no handrails, loose boards or crumbling concrete
  • Accidents at schools
  • Fall in a private residence

No matter the location of your accident, it is critical that you contact a personal injury lawyer so that evidence can be photographed and collected before it disappears. Evidence and accurate incident reports are absolutely vital to a successful slip-and-fall claim.

Serious slip-and-fall injuries — broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, severe lacerations, etc. — also often require long-term treatment, such as physical therapy, surgery and rehabilitation. Without an experienced lawyer on your side, the medical bills and lost wages caused by the fall can quickly drain your finances.

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Do not fall victim to an insurance adjuster's aggressive tactics designed to decrease the value of your claim. Schedule a free consultation at Boulton Law Group in Brownsburg today by calling 317-350-4935.

Attorney Boulton never charges consultation fees for advice. In most instances he is able to determine whether or not you have a potential premises liability case during a phone call.

Boulton Law Group, LLC, will never ask you to front costs for investigation. In fact, the only way we receive money is after we win your slip-and-fall case.

We look forward to hearing your story and going to work for you today.