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Why The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and avoiding having to payout money for harms and damages caused by their customers. That is why almost everyone experiences some kind of headache with an insurance adjuster soon after an accident.

At Boulton Law Group in Brownsburg, Indiana, we take on that frustration for you, allowing you to focus on your health and recovery. For accident victims in Hendricks County and across Indiana, we handle all of the interactions with insurance adjusters and lawyers to protect your interests and ensure that they treat you with respect. We provide representation across all of Hendricks County and the entire Indianapolis area.

What Should You Do Next?

Your first step should be to seek necessary medical treatment. Then talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer like Matt Boulton about your accident.

No matter the size of your accident, the extent of your injuries or where in Indiana it happened, we strongly advise you to avoid the insurance company until you speak with an experienced attorney whose only focus is personal injury law.

To ensure your rights and ability to bring a strong claim for compensation remain intact, NEVER do any of the following after your accident:

  • Answer calls from the insurance adjuster
  • Agree to a recorded statement
  • Sign medical authorizations or any other paperwork sent to you by the insurance company
  • Attempt to contact the driver who hit you

Anything you provide the insurance company can and will be used against you. They will use the information to either try to pay you less than you deserve or deny your claim completely.

Adjusters receive training in how to talk to you and get you to tell your side of the story. What you don't know is that they know how to take your words and use them to portray you as liable for causing your accident. You may believe the adjuster has your best interests in mind, or that they will clearly agree with your version of events; however, when large amounts of money are at stake, you can be sure that they are not on your side.

Experienced Representation Is A Phone Call Away

Before you talk to the insurance company, schedule a free consultation with attorney Boulton today. He knows how to handle the insurance companies. Contact us via email or give us a call at our Brownsburg office at 317-350-4935.