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Why You Need Medical Care For Your Injuries

It's common for anyone who is hurt — whether by playing sports, because of a slip and fall or a car accident — to try to "shake it off." We often don't want people to make a fuss or appear that we need help.

Unfortunately, if this is your attitude after an accident caused by someone else's fault, you could seriously harm your chances of recovering any compensation.

Failure To See A Doctor Can Ruin Your Case Before It Even Starts

Boulton Law Group is a personal injury law firm serving the entire Indianapolis area. That is all we focus on, and this focus has allowed us to build a long track record of positive results. One of the most important parts of any successful personal injury case is ample medical evidence that proves the cause and extent of your injuries. This is especially true when dealing with serious personal injury cases involving head trauma or paralysis.

If you do not see a doctor, your attorney will not have the evidence he or she needs to make the strongest possible case for you. Your physician and other medical records are a part of the overall documentation needed to prove the nature and extent of your injuries to the insurance company, or ultimately to a jury.

If you decide against seeing a doctor because you believe the pain will eventually disappear, or you fail to follow a doctor's or physical therapist's instructions, you risk suffering future pain. Because you did not see a doctor originally, it will then be difficult to prove the accident caused any ongoing pain and suffering.

When you see a doctor, it is then important that you follow any instructions for any ongoing treatment. Failure to do so may lead the insurance company to claim you are fully recovered. This could mean less money in a settlement.

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Do not hurt your case before it even has a chance to get off the ground. See a doctor as soon as possible after your accident, then call us to get the help you need. Call our office in Brownsburg, Indiana, at 317-350-4935 or email us to schedule a free, no-risk consultation with lawyer Matt Boulton. We serve clients in Avon, Plainfield, Whitestown and all of Indiana.