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Scarring Injuries And Your Rights For Compensation

Injuries that cause severe scars can be devastating to victims. Even if other physical injuries like broken bones heal, a scar can be a constant, painful reminder that your life will never be the same.

At Boulton Law Group in Brownsburg, Indiana, we fight to maximize the compensation our clients can recover. Through personal attention and a commitment to getting results, we can help you build a case that documents all of the compensation you truly need and deserve.

Scarring's Effects Are Not Just Physical

One of the most common injuries we see after a dog attack is permanent scarring. Scarring can also occur after surgeries brought on by serious motorcycle and other motor vehicle accidents.

Many victims who suffer from facial scarring sadly withdraw from society as much as possible because of embarrassment. The injuries can require several plastic surgery procedures to repair as much of the scarring as possible. All of this can result in weeks, months or years of lost wages and thousands of dollars in medical bills. The mental anguish can also cause immeasurable pain and suffering that requires seeing a therapist.

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Because you could be able to receive substantial compensation, the insurance companies will likely do anything possible to limit their losses. With an attorney like Matt Boulton on your side, who has been through more than 100 trials, you will know that your rights are secure. You will not have a lawyer who pressures you into settling your case too early. We will never settle your case without knowing all of your future care needs.

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