Do you have an Allstate personal injury claim? What to expect next.

Boulton Law Group regularly handles Allstate personal injury claims on behalf of its clients, and our experience has taught us several valuable do’s and don’ts when dealing with the insurance giant.

But before we look at what it is like dealing with Allstate on an accident claim, it is important to put the company’s size in perspective:

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Allstate ranked 4th in overall insurance company market share for 2018.

In fact, that same year saw Allstate write $22.7 billion in insurance premiums, giving them almost 10% of the overall market share.

(Update: Allstate’s dominance continued throughout 2019, as the company reported annual revenue of $44.675 Billion and annual net income of $4.678 Billion.)

Unless you have experience negotiating and handling thousands of personal injury claims, we recommend contacting an experienced Indianapolis accident attorney before attempting to take on Allstate by yourself.

Allstate & Colossus – Are car accident victims just numbers?

Unknown to many is that a number of large insurance companies have a history of relying on a computer program named Colossus to settle car accident personal injury claims.

And like any computer program, the human being factor is largely overlooked in Colossus’s evaluation of these claims.

Colossus fails to take into account the victim’s character; how they personally respond to the injuries, and the cognitive component of the accident and injury claim.

As such, Colossus also fails to evaluate the entirety of a victim’s pain and suffering and simply assigns pre-determined values to cases based on medical record keywords and injuries of a similar type.

This is yet another reason why hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer will help to ensure that you are compensated for your experience and not the average experience of others who may or may not have suffered similar injuries.

Allstate’s handling of Indiana personal injury and accident claims – What to expect.

Allstate maintains a significant presence in Indiana, as several Hoosier drivers and homeowners choose the company for their various insurance needs.

If you were injured by one of their insured, you will soon receive a call from one of Allstate’s insurance adjusters.

The adjuster’s job will be to gather as much information from you as possible in an attempt to lower the amount Allstate owes for your personal injury claim.

Two of the most critical pieces of information Allstate’s adjusters will try to obtain include:

  • Recorded statement

We never recommend that you give a recorded statement without first speaking to Boulton Law Group.

Allstate’s adjusters are well-trained, and during a recorded statement they will ask a series of questions that are designed to elicit information that could potentially harm your case.

  • Signed medical release authorization

If you provide a signed medical release, you are allowing Allstate to not only order medical records related to your accident, but you also give them the authority to acquire unrelated medical records. Why do they want this?

Allstate will look for opportunities to connect any past injuries or medical conditions to the injuries sustained from your recent accident. If they are able to do this, it can lessen the value of your claim.

Boulton Law Group manages and coordinates all recorded statements and authorizations on behalf of its clients. This helps to ensure Allstate does not gain an unfair advantage in the handling and negotiation of an injury claim.

Negotiating Allstate personal injury claims

If you are having second thoughts about trying to negotiate fair compensation with a multi-billion dollar company that has relied on computers to do their work, we do not blame you.

Boulton Law Group never recommends that injured people attempt to negotiate with Allstate before consulting with us first.

Again, we can not stress how important it is for victims to understand that insurance companies are not your friend. Their goal is always the same: Settle personal injury claims for the lowest possible amount.

We have seen a number of instances in which Allstate has attempted to low-ball accident victims on their claims. Of course, this is not exclusive to Allstate. No insurance company is going to offer you maximum compensation for your claim.

When you hire an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer, you are putting someone on your side that not only understands how Allstate works, they also have the ability to present your claim in the strongest manner possible.

Additionally, if Allstate fails to play fair, you also now have an attorney with the ability to file suit and litigate the case in front of a judge and jury. Allstate does not want this to happen.

While the vast majority of Boulton Law Group’s clients’ cases never go to court, having the authority and ability to file a lawsuit against Allstate helps to keep them honest.

Questions about your Allstate personal injury claim?

If you have an Allstate personal injury claim, Boulton Law Group wants to hear your story.

Having helped clients throughout Indiana recover fair compensation from Allstate, we can advise you on the next steps and what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

Boulton Law Group offers victims with Allstate claims a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that you will never be charged a consultation fee, and the only time our firm receives compensation is after we win your case.

To receive your free case evaluation, call us at 317-350-2680.

If you prefer to write to us with details about your Allstate claim, please use our confidential and free contact form for an immediate evaluation.

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