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Checking load, speed and other ways to prevent rollovers

There are few incidents more frightening for a motorist than to experience a vehicle rollover. While rollovers only represent a small percentage of serious road accidents, they account for about one-third of all those killed in crashes.

The good news is that there are ways you may prevent a rollover, or be a survivor if one should occur.

Rollover causes

A rollover can happen no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. However, because they are taller and narrower, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks are more likely to flip; they are more top heavy and have a higher center of gravity than smaller passenger cars. Lateral forces come into play when an SUV, van or pickup goes around a curve. The center of gravity shifts to one side, affecting the balance of the vehicle, and increased speed plus a sudden change in direction can cause loss of control and the possibility of a rollover. Government studies indicate, however, that the most likely reason a vehicle flips is that it “trips” on something like a curb or pothole.

Prevention and survival

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Go for new technology: If you are considering buying a new vehicle, look for those with the newest safety systems, such as side-curtain air bags and electronic stability control.
  • Check tires: At least once a month, check to make sure your tires are in good shape and properly inflated.
  • Avoid overloading: Do not place heavy loads on the roof. Stow them inside on the floor, close to the center of the vehicle.
  • Wear seat belts: This one precaution will prevent you and your passengers from being thrown around if there is a rollover, and possibly save your lives.
  • Be careful about speed: The greater the speed, the more driving skill you will need.

Stay alert

This kind of crash can happen anywhere, even on a quiet rural road. Take precautions, stay alert and resolve to reach your destination safely, without becoming a rollover statistic.

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