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Posts tagged "premises liability"

Staying safe near a farm pond helps avoid injuries

When you live near a farm, one thing you might love about the scenery is that there is almost always a lake. In most cases, these lakes are man-made and have a purpose. They collect runoff, prevent flooding and serve as an area where cattle or other livestock can get a drink or cool off.

Can a park can be liable for your water slide injuries?

The summer is a great time to head to a waterpark, but there are some hazards that you could face. With rushing water, there is always a potential for slip-and-fall accidents as well as for children to get stuck in currents or to drown. Swimming-related injuries could occur in wave pools or other water features. Cuts, scrapes and lacerations may also occur.

These theme-park injuries can lead to serious injuries or death

Theme parks should have safety in mind when they design their rides and attractions. Unfortunately, not all theme parks are as safe as they should be. They are a place where fall accidents, drownings or other injuries can occur. Theme parks are typically held liable for injuries that are a result of the park's negligence. For example, if someone who was operating a ride wasn't trained properly and ends up causing a crash, then the people on the ride would have a right to pursue a claim.

Premises liability: A falling box injures you while shopping

Big box or warehouse stores in Indiana seem like benign places that pose few injury risks to shoppers. The next time you shop at one of these big box stores, take a good look around. You will probably see large boxes of merchandise packed from the floor to the ceiling, many of them containing extremely heavy items. What do you suppose might happen if one of these boxes fell on you?

The challenges of proving fault in premises liability cases

Thousands of people suffer injuries each day on other people's property. While most of these injuries are accidental, injured victims typically feel that the person responsible for the accident should be held liable. The law agrees and as such, many attorneys have devoted their practices to premises liability. This area of the law helps injured parties acquire the compensation they are due to pay medical expenses and other costs associated with the injury.

Indiana's 'one-bite' law and your rights for dog bites

A lot of people get nervous around large dogs. When dogs attack, they can cause serious injuries that require a lifetime to recover from or even death. Unfortunately, many people who may have been able to take legal action didn't because they misunderstood Indiana's laws. Don't make that same mistake.

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