5 common reasons for motorcycle crashes

All motorcyclists know that they are risking life and limb with each motorcycle ride. However, the enjoyment factor is enough to keep them coming back for more. Furthermore, with proper attention to detail, training and good defensive riding techniques, the vast majority of accident situations can be avoided. Furthermore, one thing that helps motorcyclists avoid different types of crashes is to understand the types of “danger scenarios” they might face so that they can watch out for them and avoid them.

Here are five common motorcycle accident scenarios to avoid:

  • The left-turning car: Motorcyclists need to be on constant alert for left-turning vehicles that don’t see them and could cross the road in front of their path.
  • A slippery patch of gravel or sand: Especially when cornering, these things, as well as leaves, ice or oil could send a motorcycle sliding out of control.
  • Taking a corner too fast: Bikers should enter corners carefully as they don’t know what lies beyond them. They should slow down cautiously before the turn, and only speed up when they can clearly see ahead of them.
  • The lane-changing vehicle: Cars don’t always see motorcyclists in their blind spots which could cause them to drive right into a biker when changing lanes. Always be aware of a motorist’s potential blind spots.
  • The rear-end crash: Motorcyclists are vulnerable in rear-end crashes, so they may not want to wait idly in an intersection without a car behind them. Stopping on the side of the road is one way to stay out of the way of cellphone-distracted drivers.

Sometimes, there’s only so much a motorcyclist can do to stay safe in the presence of unlawful drivers. If you were injured on a motorcycle by a negligent or reckless motorist, learn more about your legal options.

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