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Client Reviews

The Boulton Law Group is always humbled by the reviews and thoughts we receive from past and present clients throughout Indiana.

I had a great experience working with Matt and his team. When they say get treated like family they mean exactly that!! I without a doubt will use them if I ever have any legal issues in the future. If you are looking for an attorney I wouldn’t hesitate to call Matt.

Kasey Coffman, Client

I recently had the experience of hiring Matt Boulton as my attorney to handle a legal matter. He was professional and caring with me from the start and took the time to listen to all my concerns. He kept me updated every step of the way which isn’t the case most places because they have a secretary call you. I would definitely recommend him, he’s the very best!

Kandy Luther, Client

Matt Boulton and his staff, by far the best in the business. I’ve used Boulton Law Group on two different type of claims, 1st. I was in a accident at my job, work comp did not have my best interest at heart, but Matt did, settled all my debts and the outcome met and exceeded my expectations. 2nd. I was in a automobile accident and the other driver was found at fault. Geico did not want to take care of me or the bills that pile. So I called Matt and once again he made sure I had a good outcome. My two experiences with Boulton Law Group were handled professionally and with my best interest at hand. Thank you Mr. Boulton and staff.

Eric Beck, Client

I was hit by a semi-truck that hit a car that hit me. The semi driver’s insurance told me to take it to the shop and it would be covered, approved the body shop to do repairs. The body shop calls and says they were almost finished with my vehicle but the insurance company has now denied the claim. After a month going back and forth with the insurance company, nothing was done. Mind you my car was repaired and just sitting at the body shop. I filed a claim on my insurance so would at least get my car back that I was paying a monthly car payment on top of insurance. After 4 months my insurance paid everything except $1400. I had to come out of pocket when the accident was not 1% my fault. I had called over 6 different Attorneys within Indiana and none of them would help me. I was told on all 6 occasions that I wasn’t hurt enough. I called Matt and explained my case and he told me to come on in and he would see what he could do. Went in and within a month Matt had a settlement for me that covered all money I had paid out and lost from missing work dealing with this. I really appreciate someone who truly does their job for the right reasons. Thank you Boulton Law Group.

Mary Jones, Client

I dislike repeating what was has been said before but truly Matt was amazing. I was in a car accident on July 29 where the guy admitted fault.

I had to deal with Travelers insurance for 12 months where I was told my lifestyle (P&S) was not worth more of a settlement. I invited the agent to come walk in my shoes. I was even reminded I had 2 years to close my case. I really wanted to settle, but felt I was pushed into a corner.

The BEST thing that I did was to contact Matt the first part of September? We talked – He listened. He settled my case the middle of October. Thank you, staff! Thank you so much, Matt!

Kim Lucas, Client

Matt and all the members of his group were wonderful to work with. They were always available to answer the phone and questions that I had. Matt kept me updated at all times. Mr. Boulton worked hard for the best possible outcome. Mr. Boulton and his office did a great job with my personal injury case. Mr. Boulton is very knowledgeable I would highly recommend this law firm. Thank you again

Junior Junior, Client