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Pursuing Justice For Accident Victims In Indiana

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What should you know about fatal crashes in Indiana?

Indiana is home to more than 6.6 million people, according to 2016 statistics. Of those people, 821 were involved in fatal car crashes that year.

The most common road users to pass away in fatal accidents included car occupants, but motorcyclists also had a high risk of death. Eighty-eight of the people who passed away included motorcyclists. Pedestrians made up 85 of the 821, while cyclists made up 19 of the 821.

Understanding the growing risk of motorcycling

There is no question that motorcycles are less safe than passenger vehicles. They're exposed in ways other vehicles aren't. They have no frame to protect a passenger or driver, putting them at risk every time they're on the road. Whether it's a single-vehicle collision or one as a result of multiple people colliding, the person on a motorcycle is always at a higher risk of injury.

Motorcyclists are also more likely to suffer as a result of the road conditions and weather. Closed vehicles may handle potholes and ice better than a vehicle with only two wheels to grip the roadway.

What are the regulations that apply to motorcoach drivers?

Upon entering a bus, one of the first things on your mind may be whether or not the driver is any good. You hope that he or she has had enough sleep and that the driver is well-educated in driving the vehicle you're in. The last thing you want is to be involved in a crash because of a poorly trained or distracted driver.

According to federal law, interstate motorcoach drivers have to meet several guidelines. For instance, all drivers have to be at least 21 years old. They also need to be fluent enough in English to have a conversation in the general public, understand roadway signs and be able to make legible reports and records. The driver should be able to speak and write in English.

You are right to question an insurance company’s motives

If you have been in a vehicle accident, you have probably experienced having to deal with an insurance company, and the interaction may have raised some red flags in your mind.

If you have yet to be an accident victim, that, of course, is a good thing. However, it is always wise to be prepared, and part of that preparation is understanding how insurance companies work.

Head injuries impact your future

Head injuries can cause a range of problems for individuals ranging from swelling on the brain to cracks in the skull. It's possible to suffer life-altering symptoms as a result of brain damage.

Head injuries in car crashes tend to happen in one of two ways. The first is through a direct impact. The second is through torsion.In a direct impact, the head hits the windshield, dashboard, window or other hard surface. That impact forces the skull to take the brunt of the force, whereas the brain inside is thrown forward into the skull. In severe instances, the brain also impacts the back of the skull, which results in injuries parallel to one another on each side of the brain.

Man faces deportation after fatal crash

When you're in a crash as a result of poor judgment, you'll be held accountable. The same is true if someone else hits you as a result of drinking and driving, speeding or other negligent behaviors.

Take for example this case. A judge presiding over a case involving the death of a motorcyclist has rejected a plea agreement requested by the defense. According to the Jan. 31 news, the judge determined that the plea agreement would not be satisfactory.

Get the compensation you need when you're suffering from injuries

You were headed into an intersection when you heard the car behind you honking. You looked back into your mirror, but you didn't see anything unusual. Not more than a few seconds later did you find yourself reeling from being involved in an accident. The driver behind you had been trying to warn you of someone coming into the intersection from the side street too quickly; that driver slammed into your vehicle's driver's side and left you with serious injuries.

As someone who has been involved in a serious crash, it's difficult to imagine a life like you had before. Your days are now filled with surgeries, medical treatments and rehabilitation. You spend your time talking to doctors and nurses instead of friends and colleagues.

Make a claim quickly after a truck crash for compensation

After an accident you must make an insurance claim in the right manner. It's one of the first things you need to do after you're in a crash. The only thing that should really precede initiating this claim is seeking the medical care you may need following the collision.

Once you're in a healthy enough state to file a claim, you should call your insurance carrier immediately. You should have the other party's insurance information as well as his or her name.

Checking load, speed and other ways to prevent rollovers

There are few incidents more frightening for a motorist than to experience a vehicle rollover. While rollovers only represent a small percentage of serious road accidents, they account for about one-third of all those killed in crashes.

The good news is that there are ways you may prevent a rollover, or be a survivor if one should occur.

What do you need to know before filing a wrongful death case?

Wrongful death lawsuits are most often filed by those who are closely released to the deceased. The person who died may have lost his or her life due to negligence or misconduct. As a result, the family believes the situation falls under state wrongful death statutes.

A wrongful death lawsuit involves making a claim for compensation. The family may be seeking monetary compensation to help them with losses they've experienced due to the individual's death. Regardless of the cause of the incident and whether it was intentional or not, families may pursue a claim against the responsible party.

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