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67-year-old man dies after pileup crash in Brownsburg

Multiple-vehicle accidents are some of the most dangerous. When one vehicle is struck, there's only one impact, but with multiple vehicles, there's a potential for multiple impacts that hurt the individuals inside their vehicles. This can result in catastrophic injuries and death.

Take, for example, this case out of Brownsburg, Indiana. A seven-vehicle crash resulted in one person's death at the intersection of 56th Street and Ronald Reagan Parkway.

Manipulating trucking logs can cause serious injuries

When a truck driver is on the job, he or she is meant to fill out a daily trucking log. This log identifies things like when he or she slept, took breaks and completed jobs.

The log is an important part of the job, not only because it's tracking the individual's hours, but also because it can show that he or she is abiding by the federal regulations. Federal regulations restrict how long a person can drive without stopping to take a break or getting sleep.

Baby's death draws attention to protocols at hospital in Indiana

When a child passes away unexpectedly, parents deserve answers. If it turns out that negligence or errors played a role in the child's death, then it's within the parents' rights to seek justice by asking for the doctor or medical team to be held accountable for their actions.

In this case reported on Nov. 21, that's what happened. The state Medical Examining Board determined that an obstetrician should be disciplined for the death of a baby girl. She was delivered at Greenwich Hospital in 2015.

Driver crashes in accident on Interstate 70 in Indiana

Collisions don't always involve more than one vehicle. In some cases, it's defects or mechanical errors that lead to crashes. As such, those who survive these crashes but suffer injuries or the families of loved ones who have passed away should look into taking legal action against manufacturers or others who may have tampered with the vehicle.

For example, if a manufacturer creates a tire that blows under pressure when driving at a normal speed due to a defect in the tire wall, a family could pursue a claim against the manufacturer even if a crash doesn't involve more than one vehicle. This helps victims protect themselves against products that could harm them or the people they love. In cases where someone is killed, the family members may pursue a claim to regain financial losses.

Top mistakes to avoid after your auto accident

After a motor vehicle accident, you may be in shock. Though this is a natural reaction, it could have negative effects on your claim process.

If you are considering filing a claim for compensation for an accident that was not your fault, it is important you handle the accident properly from beginning to end. Here are the top mistakes to avoid after your auto accident.

2 injured in Floyd County head-on collision

There are many reasons for accidents, ranging from poor weather conditions to distractions. For example, if you're driving and can't control your vehicle because of high winds, you could cause an accident. In another case, if you're looking at your phone, you might not notice traffic stopping up ahead.

In this case, it's not clear what caused the collision, but two people ended up hurt. In crashes like this, victims should remember that they have a right to pursue compensation from the party that caused the crash.

Poor maintenance of semis can lead to serious crashes

Traveling on the highway, you know that it can get dangerous in the winter. For commercial truck drivers, the hazards other drivers can easily maneuver around and through aren't so easy.

On top of that, driving a semi-truck in the winter has its own set of hazards. If their vehicles aren't in good shape, they could end up causing a crash. Here are a few things that could go wrong without good vehicle maintenance.

  • If you don't add enough antifreeze with your windshield washer fluid, the fluid could freeze in its container. That would mean you couldn't use it to clear your windshields, which could lead to a crash.
  • The temperature changes that affect a semi in the winter make components expand and contract. That can lead to leaks, which is why winter maintenance and visual checks are important before driving.
  • Ice and snow have the potential to build up on the top of trailers. This precipitation could fall off the rear of the vehicle and impact other drivers, so it's important to clear it before driving.
  • The brakes could lock up if the air lines freeze. This could cause a serious collision if the vehicle is in motion before it occurs.

What purpose does a wrongful death lawsuit have?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a lawsuit in which the family of the deceased attempts to collect compensation for the death of their loved one. The lawsuit itself alleges that the person who killed the deceased did so out of negligence or misconduct. The lawsuit seeks lost wages, compensation for the loss of companionship, funeral expenses and other financial losses.

The person at fault for a wrongful death may be anyone from a drunk driver to someone who was practicing batting and accidentally hit a passerby. Essentially, any time someone dies at the hands of someone else who was negligent, there's a potential for a wrongful death lawsuit.

This is what to expect if you're in a serious truck crash

If you're in a truck accident and expect a settlement, there are things you should know. For instance, did you know that your claim for compensation goes through the civil court, not the criminal court? It's completely possible for the person who struck you to face criminal charges separate from your civil lawsuit.

If both cases are headed to court at the same time, you might have questions about how to pursue your claim. Here are a few common issues that could come up.

You should never shrug off a slip-and-fall injury

A slip-and-fall is not an injury in itself; it is only the cause. After auto accidents, it is also the most common kind of accidental injury.

If such an injury happens to you, you may think you can just shrug it off, but think again. Many parts of your body can be affected by a slip-and-fall incident, and an injury may be more serious that it seems at the outset.

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