What is whiplash, and how is it treated?

No one expects to be in a car accident, least of all when they're obeying the rules of the road. In your case, you were heading out of town to a wedding when you came to a four-way stop. You thought everything was fine, and you knew it was your turn to go. Despite...

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3 Tips for safe driving in snow during Indiana winters

Growing up a Hoosier means you have likely heard the old joke, “Don’t like Indiana weather? Wait 5 minutes!” When it comes to Indiana winters some might argue there is a bit of truth to that wisecrack. Certain parts of our state are often hit by significant winter...

How to file an Indiana nursing home abuse complaint

According to U.S. News & World Report’s Nursing Home Finder, Indiana has a total of 552 homes throughout our state. Out of this total, a mere 34 facilities were given a ‘Top Performing’ rating. Having such a small number of ‘top performers’ is a disturbing reality...

Despite deadly crash, victims might not get the justice they want

The U.S. legal system consists of many different courts. Two of the most prominent are the civil system on one hand and the criminal system on the other. The criminal justice system recognizes that there are actions that cause harm to society. The civil system...

Did a low-impact crash cause your soft tissue injury?

Serious injuries are not only the result of high-speed car crashes; you can also be severely injured in a low-impact accident. Perhaps you are rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, or in the supermarket parking lot.The thing is, you may walk away from a...

Why are truck accidents more complicated than others?

On the surface, one Indiana vehicle accident may appear very much like another. One car collides with another. In the worst cases, someone suffers serious injury or is killed. To the casual observer, it might seem that resolving the claims for accident victims should...

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