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Staying safe near a farm pond helps avoid injuries

When you live near a farm, one thing you might love about the scenery is that there is almost always a lake. In most cases, these lakes are man-made and have a purpose. They collect runoff, prevent flooding and serve as an area where cattle or other livestock can get a drink or cool off.

It's important that anyone who has access to a farm pond knows how to perform CPR and knows how to swim. What about people who live nearby, though?

Time of day could be a factor in a tractor-trailer crash

Commercial motor vehicle drivers are professionals used to long hours and rigid schedules. Like everyone else, however, truckers are subject to the control exercised by the body’s internal clock.

The circadian rhythm has a big part in the life of anyone who drives for a living, and it may play a role in accidents that happen on the road.

You deserve compensation if an airbag is defective

Airbags can potentially cause serious injuries. While they can save lives in the right circumstances, airbags that go off when they're not needed can put people in real danger.

Airbag injuries are most often caused by improper positioning, malfunctioning sensors, exposure to the chemicals inside the airbag and the failure to deflate. For example, imagine you're sitting too closely to the wheel of your vehicle. When the airbag inflates, it could cause crushing injuries due to the force of the crash throwing you forward and the force of the airbag inflating. This risk is why you should always sit as far away from the steering column as is comfortable.

Slip-and-fall accidents are avoidable with the right maintenance

If you slip and fall at a local business's establishment, you may wish to look into filing a claim. Fall is nearly here, and with winter just around the corner, there is an ever-growing risk of ice, rain and possibly snow that could cause slick conditions. Slip-and-fall accidents caused by weather are common, though they are most common in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.

How can you know if a business owner is liable for your injuries? When it comes to weather, the unnatural accumulation of ice, rain or snow may make the difference in a case. If a business owner allows flooding in a parking lot to fill potholes, for instance, you could accidentally step into one and trip. If a business owner doesn't clear the stairway of slick ice or snow, you could slip and fall down the stairs. In both situations, it's up to the business owner to make sure the location is safe for anyone who wants to come to the business.

Multivehicle crash sends 1 to hospital in Indiana

When large trucks are on the roads, there's always a risk of serious or fatal crashes. These large vehicles are harder to stop and control. If one goes out of control, it can leave devastation in its wake.

A pile-up collision involving multiple semitrucks close to Layfayette resulted in minor injuries according to a news report from Aug. 22. This is a perfect example of how a single-vehicle collision can quickly result in a pile-up on the highway. The crash on I-65 near Tippecanoe stopped and slowed traffic while the Indiana State Police addressed the incident.

Stow your phone, comb and book while driving

While you are stopped in a freeway traffic jam, you might have an opportunity to observe the drivers around you. Some of them are on their cell phones, of course, but you will probably find yourself amazed at the creative multi-tasking talents displayed by others.

When you think about distracted driving, texting is the activity that probably comes to mind because it gets a lot of press. However, distracted driving applies to any activity that takes your attention away from your primary task as a motorist: driving.

Teen accused of using drugs before fatal collision

A teenage driver has been accused of taking opiates before a fatal collision. According to an Aug. 18 news article, the 17-year-old woman had been driving at over 100 mph when she collided with a home. Inside, two people, a 17-year-old woman and 9-year-old girl, were struck and killed.

The crash occurred when the teen left the roadway while speeding. She was able to miss several objects in the way, but her vehicle went airborne. It was then that she hit the home. She hit the home so hard that she nearly drove through both sides of the structure.

Are you properly insured in the event of a vehicle crash?

Most families pay more attention to health care insurance than to the underinsured/uninsured coverage found in car insurance policies. In some states, such as Indiana, UIM/UM is not a requirement to drive a vehicle, but when it comes to providing protection and care for yourself and loved ones in your vehicle, it might be wise to think about adding it.

The minimum mandatory amounts for liability insurance that drivers must carry will hardly be enough to cover basic medical costs in the event of a serious vehicle accident. This is among the reasons that having proper insurance coverage for yourself and any teen drivers is so important.

Can a park can be liable for your water slide injuries?

The summer is a great time to head to a waterpark, but there are some hazards that you could face. With rushing water, there is always a potential for slip-and-fall accidents as well as for children to get stuck in currents or to drown. Swimming-related injuries could occur in wave pools or other water features. Cuts, scrapes and lacerations may also occur.

When it comes to liability, the theme park is responsible for maintaining safe rides and amusements. If you are injured because the safety protocols were not followed or because of a manufacturer's lack of warnings, then you may be able to file a lawsuit. Remember, even if you sign a waiver, you can file a lawsuit if your injury is a result of hazards on the ride itself that should not be present.

Negligent security can lead to serious attacks and injuries

Imagine going out for a night on the town but never returning to tell the story of what happened that night. Attacks that take lives can and do happen. Many could be prevented with better security.

As an example, consider this case. When a fatal stabbing took place in a bar in 2015, the owner was accused of having negligent security. In the case, the bar owner allegedly knew that the bar had gotten rougher over the years. It was alleged that his bar was a public nuisance and that it should be shut down.

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