Negligent Security

If you were injured due to negligent security, we want to hear your story. No two cases are alike, and having an experienced lawyer analyze your potential case is critical to protecting your rights.

Indiana Negligent Security Lawyers

Another way that property owners must protect the safety of people on their premises is by making sure there are adequate security measures in place. When owners are aware that risks exist, they must act to address them before anything bad happens.

This can include installing surveillance cameras, proper lighting and emergency call boxes. It could also mean hiring security guards when necessary. When they fail to take these measures, assaults, rapes, muggings, kidnappings and even murders can occur.

Get An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

We here at Boulton Law Group are interested in your story. For more than 20 years, our founder, personal injury attorney Matt Boulton, has helped victims of lapses in security get the justice they deserve. This includes trying cases in Hendricks County and all of Indiana.

Attorney Boulton does not shy away from a tough case, including seeking justice for people who are suffering because of:

  • Landlords who fail to provide working locks on doors and windows and do not secure common areas
  • Parking garage operators who do not have surveillance equipment and lighting
  • Nightclubs that do not have security guards on hand to screen for weapons
  • Gas stations and retail stores that do not have security guards and proper lighting for their parking lots
  • Nursing homes that hire staff who commit sexual assaults or cause other harm to its residents
Just like other premises liability cases, it is crucial to work with an experienced lawyer to seek compensation. Proving liability is a difficult, complex process. Attorney Boulton will listen to your story and help you determine the best way to proceed.

In the meantime, do not talk with the property owner’s insurance company about your accident. Instead, let an attorney speak with insurance adjusters on your behalf.

Attorney Boulton will make sure the insurance companies don’t take advantage of you. Give the police your account, and then let your attorney handle the rest.

Hold A Negligent Property Owner Accountable Today For Inadequate Security

If you are suffering or have lost a loved one, please do not wait. We have the resources, experience and skill to protect your rights and best interests.

While our firm is in Brownsburg, Indiana, we help clients in Indianapolis and across the state who need our help.

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