Semi Truck Accidents

If you were hurt in a semi truck accident, we want to hear your story. No two collisions are alike, and having an experienced lawyer analyze your potential case is critical to protecting your rights.

Indiana Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

An accident with a semi truck is unlike any other type of collision that occurs on Indiana’s highways and interstates. The injuries a person sustains when an 18-wheeler hits their vehicle often range from traumatic to fatal, leaving victims owing thousands of dollars in medical bills, suffering from permanent injuries or being unable to work.

Put simply, the long-term results of a collision with a semi can leave your finances in ruin.

Without exception, Boulton Law Group of Brownsburg puts its clients first. Your case will be handled from start to finish by founding attorney Matt Boulton. When you have questions, you will get answers. When you tell us your expectations, we deliver results. It really is that simple.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer like Matt Boulton instantly puts an aggressive professional on your side who is focused on your interests and helping to ensure you receive the best possible settlement. While Boulton Law Group has its office in Brownsburg, we provide representation to accident victims in Avon, Whitestown, and the entire Indianapolis area.

You Need A Lawyer For These Complex Cases

Every semi truck must be operated according to specific codes and regulations. Violating the law can increase the percent of negligence placed on a driver and the trucking company.

We strongly believe that no two cases are the same.

We investigate and analyze each semi accident differently. Attorney Boulton can place the appropriate “hold” on a semi truck so that he and any experts can thoroughly examine it for violations and signs of driver error. Failure to place a hold on a semi after a collision can easily lead to the disappearance of critical evidence.

Example: If you look at the rear of a semi truck, you will notice a steel bar that extends downward and across the back end of the rig’s trailer. This is known as an underride guard, or more specifically, the “Mansfield Bar.” A missing underride guard can be a violation and constitute negligence.

Protect Your Rights And Let Us Talk To The Insurance Companies

Because semi truck accidents mean the possibility of massive exposure for an insurance company, you can be sure that a skillfully trained adjuster will contact you soon to begin attempting to chip away at how much they owe you for your losses.

Our advice: Do not sign or agree to anything. Do not consent to a recorded statement, or sign documents that give them access to your medical history. Do not speak with anyone until attorney Boulton reviews your case. He has successfully worked on several Indiana semi accident cases throughout his career as a trial lawyer.

Call An Experienced Attorney Today

We know you wish this accident had never happened, and our goal is to assist you through this difficult time by holding the responsible parties accountable and recovering the compensation needed to get your life back to normal.

Call us today at 317-350-2680. It costs absolutely nothing to have an initial consultation with attorney Boulton. There is never any pressure. You have been through enough, and that is why we will never ask for upfront fees or payment. The only way Boulton Law Group is paid is after we get the result you demand.

We look forward to going to work for you!

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