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Motorcycle Accidents

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, we want to hear your story. No two collisions are alike, and having an experienced lawyer analyze your potential case is critical to protecting your rights.

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Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Indiana has more than 200,000 registered motorcycles, and when you meet someone who rides a bike, their passion is often on display.

Unfortunately, the vulnerability of a motorcyclist combined with the increasing lack of attention and respect for riders often results in traumatic and sometimes fatal injuries.

Having handled several motorcycle accident claims across Indiana, attorney Boulton has a tremendous amount of respect for motorcyclists and their rights to our roads.

In fact, we find it’s not uncommon for men and women who ride to worry more about their motorcycle than their own personal health!

Our firm uses its experience and knowledge of building a motorcycle accident injury claim to help ensure you receive deserved compensation for what was taken from you.

Typical Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

No matter how much safety gear a rider has, they are still the most exposed travelers on the road. Technological advances in helmets and leathers that have improved rider safety are still little match for a collision with a car or truck.

We have witnessed a pattern of facts that typically lead to motorcycle accidents, and a majority of the time the motorcyclist has absolutely no fault.

Some of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents include:
  • Distracted drivers: Of all the distractions, texting and driving continues to be the No. 1 cause of many cars vs. motorcycle accidents.
  • Left-hand turns: Many of the motorcycle accident victims we represent were injured after the driver of a car or truck turned left in front of a bike that had the right of way.
  • Lane changes: Many cars and commercial truck drivers on multilane highways and interstates do not look out for motorcyclists, leading to sideswipes or running a biker off the road.
  • Rear-end collisions: A stopped or braking motorcycle is always in danger of being rear-ended.
  • Environmental conditions: Harsh Indiana winters lead to dangerous roadway conditions in the spring and summer. Potholes, broken pavement and highway debris often cause accidents.
  • Defective motorcycle parts: When custom pipes and straight-from-the-manufacturer motorcycles are defective, riders often lose control.

It is critical that a rider involved in a motorcycle accident seeks immediate medical treatment and follows the doctor’s instructions to the last detail. While many motorcycle injuries are obvious, there are also a number of conditions that may not be visible to the eye and can cause future health problems.

In addition to serious motorcycle injury cases, we are also experienced in the handling of wrongful death motorcycle cases on behalf of family members who have lost a loved one.

Your Legal Rights As An Injured Motorcyclist

Injured motorcyclists have the same legal rights as anyone else injured in a car or truck accident, and this includes your right to seek compensation.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies have adopted an unfair attitude toward motorcyclists, often trying to place all or a percentage of fault with them.

The insurance company knows that witnesses and those who do not ride motorcycles are often misinformed. They wrongly assume that those who ride bikes often speed and take risks that lead to accidents.

Boulton Law Group knows this type of thinking is incorrect on the part of people who have little to no experience with motorcyclists. It is also why we have dedicated a large part of our legal practice to helping injured bikers and their families.

We Can Start Working For You Today!

Attorney Boulton offers all Indiana motorcyclists and their families a Zero Fee Guarantee.  This means that your consultation and evaluation is 100% free, and we do not receive payment until we make a recovery on your behalf.

Additionally, attorney Boulton will visit with you at the hospital, your home, or anywhere that is convenient for you. We put our motorcycle clients first every time — no exception.

Do not let your rights be dismissed by an insurance company that wants to victimize you for enjoying your passion. Call us today at 317-350-2680 to get your case started.