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About Us

Get Treated Like Family

An award-winning firm that puts clients first. No exceptions.

Why is Boulton Law Group sought after by accident victims throughout the entire state of Indiana? Is it for attorney Matt Boulton’s ability to win big cases?

While we are certainly known for settling cases and winning trials, many people also choose Boulton Law Group for our firm’s reputation of providing clients with one-of-a-kind service, empathy, and respect.

Matt has been helping injured Hoosiers for more than 20 years, and he has always been humbled by the number of clients who thanked him by saying, “You made me feel like family.”

In fact, this compliment is the source of inspiration for our firm’s tagline: Get Treated Like Family.

Get treated like family at Boulton Law Group

What Does it Mean?

Getting treated like family will mean something different to everyone, however, when you hire Boulton Law Group, you can expect the following:


We Step in Whenever You Need Help.

Whether you are focused on returning to health or mourning the loss of a loved one, we help to ensure sure that no one distracts you or takes advantage of your current situation.

  • Pesky bill collectors contacting you? We will make a call or write them a letter.
  • Insurance company calls or letters? We immediately let them know that they are not to contact you.
  • Unsure of advice someone is giving you? We will be your trusted resource for all matters related to your accident and injury.

We have seen and handled numerous situations similar to what you are experiencing, so we are prepared to step in and take the burden off you, whatever it may be.


We are Going to Listen to You.

At times, it seems like everyone is simply waiting for their chance to speak rather than actually listen to what it is we have to say. Not so at Boulton Law Group.

Our office is fond of saying, “We want to hear your story!” and we mean it.

No two accidents are alike, and this means that we will start our process of working together by getting to know you as a person and understanding what is specifically important to you.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for attorneys at large firms to not even know the names of their clients.

Additionally, we will never settle your case without talking to you first and listening to any concerns or questions.


Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service.

We like to believe Boulton Law Group offers its clients a throwback to good old-fashioned customer service, meaning:

Enthusiasm – Attorney Boulton has hand-picked his legal staff to ensure the office is filled with professionals who loves what they do.
No bad attitudes – You will always be treated with kindness at Boulton Law Group.
Plain speak – We explain everything in an easy-to-understand manner.
Honesty – Transparency is the key to a great partnership, and nowhere is that more true than the client-attorney relationship.

Put simply, our clients are everything to us, and we can think of no better way to thank them than by providing an exceptional customer experience.

You Don’t Pay Unless We Win

The Boulton Law Group offers every one of its clients a Zero Fee Guarantee. No matter the size of your case, or how complex, there is never a cost to speak with us and you owe the firm nothing unless we win your case.

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Does Client Service
Matter to You?

If you think you might need the help of a personal injury attorney, or you simply need some friendly legal advice, give Matt a call.

Boulton Law Group offers every injured Hoosier and their family a Zero Fee Guarantee. This risk-free promise is our way of helping to ensure everyone has equal access to award-winning legal representation.

Call 317-350-2680 to speak with Matt, or write to us using our confidential contact form.

We look forward to hearing your story and seeing what we can do to help you!

Matt Boulton, Indiana Injury Lawyer