Are my friends liable if I get hurt at their party?

Premises liability law is a broad topic that covers a lot of different kinds of personal injury scenarios in which someone is injured on another person’s property. Considering the massive scope of this legal category, it’s understandable that someone who’s hurt on another party’s property will have a lot of questions about whether they can pursue a claim.

Perhaps, for example, suppose that you were injured at a friend’s party after slipping and falling on a wet floor. Will your friend — or your friend’s homeowner’s insurance — be liable for the financial costs associated with your medical care? They may be.

Similar to the owners of shopping malls and office buildings frequented by the public, the owner of a private home also holds a certain degree of responsibility for the safety of their guests. If a homeowner throws a party, they should ensure that the home is free of potential dangers. A slippery rug, for example, is an accident waiting to happen. The owner should either remove the rug or secure to the ground before guests arrive.

The homeowner should also be vigilant about resolving safety risks as they arise during the event. A spilled drink, for example, should be cleaned up as soon as it’s discovered in order to prevent an injury.

There are many ways that people can suffer injuries at a friend’s party. A homeowner should make a reasonable effort to limit the risk of guests getting hurt. If you were hurt at a party, and you believe that your injuries were caused by the homeowner’s negligence, you might want to investigate whether you can pursue a premises liability claim for damages.

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