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Ways to prevent drowsy driving

Perhaps the most dangerous driving violation relates to driving your vehicle while you're too fatigued to safely operate it. This kind of driving, when someone falls asleep behind the wheel, is much more dangerous than drunk driving because the motorist is literally closing his eyes and becoming unconscious to the world around him or her.

Types of scarring injuries

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It's porous yet water resistant, flexible yet durable, and it works to keep your organs and bones safe from the threat of infection and exposure to the elements. When a serious injury happens to your skin, however, an unsightly and painful scar can be left behind.

Don’t become the victim of a hit-and-run driver

As soon as a serious or fatal motor vehicle accident occurs, police will set to work investigating what happened to try and assign fault. Assigning fault allows police to hold the responsible driver criminally accountable. If the at-fault driver broke specific laws or engaged in reckless or negligent driving in the moments leading up to the collision, the driver could face stiff criminal punishments, including jail time.

Ford recalls hundreds of thousands of cars due to rollaway risks

Indiana consumers have the right to expect that the manufactured goods they purchase are safe and free of dangerous defects. Even though consumer product laws require manufacturers to design and produce safe products, manufacturers are still prone to making potentially-fatal errors and other mistakes. Take the recent recall that Ford Motor Co. announced, for example. A potentially-fatal defect relating to approximately 550,000 Ford Escapes and Ford Fusions in North America makes the vehicles prone to rolling away after they're parked.

How to prevent distracted driving accidents

Can you imagine pouring a cup of coffee, hopping in the car and casually reading the news on your phone while a robot-driven vehicle whisks you off to work? Although we're a decade or more away from that kind of future, it's nice to imagine what commuting will be like when driverless cars are ready for the mainstream. One of the biggest benefits will be the elimination of distracted driving.

Understanding the growing risk of motorcycling

There is no question that motorcycles are less safe than passenger vehicles. They're exposed in ways other vehicles aren't. They have no frame to protect a passenger or driver, putting them at risk every time they're on the road. Whether it's a single-vehicle collision or one as a result of multiple people colliding, the person on a motorcycle is always at a higher risk of injury.

Get the compensation you need when you're suffering from injuries

You were headed into an intersection when you heard the car behind you honking. You looked back into your mirror, but you didn't see anything unusual. Not more than a few seconds later did you find yourself reeling from being involved in an accident. The driver behind you had been trying to warn you of someone coming into the intersection from the side street too quickly; that driver slammed into your vehicle's driver's side and left you with serious injuries.

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