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Matt Boulton

Bloomington Personal Injury Lawyer

Boulton Law Group has a special connection with the city and people of Bloomington, Indiana

In fact, attorney Matt Boulton graduated from Indiana University, remains an active alumnus, and is regularly seen at Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium cheering on his Hoosiers as a season ticket-holder.

Having been a Bloomington personal injury lawyer for more than 20 years, Matt has had the pleasure of helping several Monroe County accident victims and their families pursue compensation for a variety of cases, including:

His familiarity with Bloomington, its residents, and the local court system help to ensure his clients’ cases are in the hands of an experienced and capable litigator.

We understand that you want to choose the right Bloomington personal injury lawyer to help you with your case, and there are a number of considerations you should take into account when making your first call to an attorney.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney who focuses exclusively on personal injury law and possesses a deep and rich history with your city.

How Can Boulton Law Group Help You?

Unlike some law firms, Boulton Law Group only accepts a case if we truly believe our involvement can create additional value for you.

For this reason, every free consultation and case analysis request is conducted personally by attorney Boulton.  

Ultimately, we help Bloomington accident victims recover the following:

  • The reimbursement cost of all their medical bills and/or any related future care.
  • Lost wages associated with time off work due to the accident.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering.

Our goal is to ensure clients focus exclusively on their health while we work to take care of everything else on their behalf.

The time it takes to settle or win your claim will vary depending on the circumstances of your case, however, we keep you in the know every step of the way.

Attorney Boulton built his law firm for clients who enjoy a truly personal approach. To ensure this happens, he hand-picked a staff of legal professionals who are passionate about personal injury law and obsessed with providing excellent customer service 

When you choose Boulton Law Group, you will be treated with respect and empathy. We understand the finest details of your case. We get to know you as a person. We aim to make sure you Get Treated Like Family

Bloomington Auto Accident Statistics 

In addition to monitoring our state’s daily accident news, Boulton Law Group also reviews data from the Indiana Crash Facts Publication by Indiana University Public Policy Institute.

This publication provides statewide statistics as well as granular data at the county level to help identify trends in automobile accidents throughout the Hoosier state.

According to the publications most recent release, Monroe County authorities responded to 4,191 auto accidents in 2018. In relation to Indiana’s other 91 counties, Monroe ranks #12 in terms of the most automobile accidents statewide.

A closer look at the crash statistics reveal information regarding the type and seriousness nature of these collisions:

  • 6,533 accident victims – This total is all-inclusive, meaning it accounts for drivers, passengers, and/or pedestrians that were involved or affected by Monroe County’s 4,191 automobile accidents.
  • 10 total fatalities – This number represents a combination of solo-vehicle accidents as well as multi-car incidents that resulted in a wrongful death.
  • 383 incapacitating injuries – When a victim is listed as having an incapacitating injury, it means that their normal ability to function has been affected, i.e., they have suffered a broken bone, TBI, or other serious injury.
  • 603 non-incapacitating injuries – In most instances, these are injuries that were minor or simply not reported at the scene of the accident. However, we have witnessed injuries that were originally reported as non-incapacitating worsen over time.
  • 463 speed-related incidents – Investigating officers will investigate a number of factors to determine if speed was a factor, including physical evidence, witness statements, etc.
  • 59 alcohol-impaired incidents  These incidents account for the driver of one or more vehicles involved in a particular accident. It does not account for illicit drug-use, of which was not included in this study.

It should also be noted that 92 Monroe County accidents involved a motorcyclist in the the year 2018. 

And while Monroe County ranked #12 out of 91 counties for the total number of automobile accidents, it ranked #6 for the total number of incidents involving motorcyclists.

With these statistics in mind, it makes sense to look at Bloomington’s unique features that may pose added risk to automobile drivers.

Unique Risks for Bloomington Drivers 

Learning that Monroe County ranks near the top of total auto accidents in Indiana may surprise some people.

What is it about Bloomington that might make being in an auto accident more likely?

Boulton Law Group regularly investigates a number of Bloomington car and motorcycle accidents that have traditional causes behind them, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Alcohol-impairment
  • Inclement weather

However, Bloomington also has a number of unique environmental factors that contribute to the total number of accidents throughout the city and county, including:

Indiana University – Bloomington is a college town, and like other city’s who are home to large universities, there is a level of unpredictability that comes with this status.

Throughout the year, residents of Bloomington must account for sudden surges in traffic volume, depending on the activities that are happening in and around IU.

Specifically, college sports, entertainment, and nearby cultural attractions can often leave Bloomington’s highways and county roads congested, increasing the risk of a crash or serious car accident.

I-69 – After much construction and revision, this stretch of road has become an even more popular and much-used thoroughfare for a large majority of Hoosiers.

Anyone who has spent time driving on I-69 through the Bloomington area will tell you that the road requires your full attention.

In fact, Boulton Law Group has investigated a number of serious accidents that have occurred on this section of I-69, including incidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. 

State Road 45 & State Road 46 – IN-45 and IN-46 are popular roads that run concurrently through Bloomington. 

In addition to a number of speed-related accidents on IN-45 and IN-46, our office has also investigated collisions on both State Roads that were caused by distracted driving, driving under the influence, and failure to yield the right of way.

Lake Monroe  A popular destination during the boating months, Lake Monroe brings Hoosiers from around the state to its waterfront.

As expected, the increase in traffic during this time of the year results in a higher number of automobile collisions.  

Road construction – New construction has been a constant for residents of Bloomington. Whether it is the massive I-69 project, or the improvements being made to inner-city roads, there is a constant need for drivers in and around Bloomington to exercise caution in roadwork and construction zones.

Topography – Heavily wooded areas, rolling hills, and green valleys are a part of what gives Bloomington its charm, however, it can also prove to be hazardous for traffic.

A number of Bloomington accident reports list environmental factors as the primary or secondary cause of an accident.

This can include things such as fallen limbs, overgrown vegetation, unexpected debris in the roadway, blocked views, steep hill road obstructions, etc.

Wildlife – Bloomington’s acres of woods and forests are home to all manner of wildlife, leading to regular incidents of drivers coming into contact with deer and other animals.

Bloomington Car Accident Case 

Boulton Law Group has investigated a number of high-profile Bloomington car and truck accidents, each with their own unique set of liability factors.

With this in mind, one of Attorney Boulton’s first steps in investigating your potential case is to review your Bloomington accident report.

In most instances, Bloomington accident reports will contain a large amount of detailed information that help to determine liability. 

Such was the case for a serious 3-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck in Perry Township at State Road 37 and Victor Pike Road:

Bloomington, Indiana car accident with semi-truck

According to the Bloomington accident report, the three vehicles involved, included:

  • V1 (semi-truck) traveling south on SR 37 in a construction zone approaching Victor Pike.
  • V2 (passenger car) traveling north on SR 37 in the construction zone at Victor Pike.
  • V3 (pick-up truck) stopped in traffic on SR 37 southbound at Victor Pike due to a vehicle making a left turn.

The accident report further described the details of the accident in the following narrative:

As the semi-truck approached Victor Pike, the semi began to slide and jackknife due to a wet roadway. The semi-truck struck the driver’s side of the passenger car with the front of its cab as it was sliding.

The momentum of the semi-truck continued to cause it to slide after the initial impact with the passenger car and strike the rear of a pick-up truck with its passenger side fuel tank and exhaust pipe.

The semi-truck finally came to a stop jack-knifed across the southbound lane of SR 37.  The drive of the passenger car was able to come to a controlled stop along the northbound emergency shoulder. The driver of the pick-up truck came to a final stop in the paved crossover of SR 37 at Victor Pike.

The driver of the semi-truck stated he was traveling south on SR37 in the construction zone behind a pick-up truck. The semi driver then stated a vehicle was stopped in both the left turn and southbound lane of SR 37. The semi driver stated he observed the pick-up truck coming to a stop behind the other vehicle.

At the time, the semi driver stated that he applied the brakes and began to slide on the wet roadway. He further stated that this was when the semi-truck started to jackknife causing him to strike the passenger car traveling north on SR 37.

The semi driver stated that the semi-truck’s momentum caused him to continue sliding sideways and strike the rear of a pick-up truck. The semi driver stated the vehicle in front of the pick-up truck did not remain at the scene after the collision and possibly traveled north on SR 37. The semi driver stated that his trailer was currently empty and likely contributed to the semi-truck sliding when he applied the brakes.

The driver of the passenger car stated that she was traveling north on SR 37 at Victor Pike. She further stated that she observed the grill of the semi-truck traveling across the center line. She stated she was unable to avoid the collision and the semi-truck struck the driver’s side of her car.

The driver of the pick-up truck stated that he was traveling south on SR 37 in the construction zone at Victor Pike. He further stated that a vehicle, possibly a Ford Explorer, was stopped in the southbound left turn lane as well as partially in the southbound lane. The pick-up truck driver then said that he had come to a stop before attempting to travel between the other vehicle and a concrete barrier along the west side of the roadway. The driver of the pick-up truck stated he was then struck in the rear by the semi-truck.

A passenger in the pick-up truck suffered incapacitating injuries at the scene that required an ambulance transport to IU Health Bloomington Hospital.  

Evidence at the scene showed the following facts:

  • roadway was wet during the accident investigation. 
  • damage to the front of the passenger car. 
  • damage to the passenger side fuel tank and exhaust pipe of the semi-truck consistent with an impact with the pick-up truck. 
  • damage to the driver’s side of the passenger car consistent with an impact with the front of the semi-truck.
  • damage to the rear of pick-up truck consistent with an impact with the passenger side of the semi-truck. 
  • the traffic signal was operating correctly during the accident investigation.

While this accident report contained detailed information regarding the collision and liability, it did not guarantee that the insurance company would be willing to make a fair offer to the injured party.

To help ensure this happened, attorney Boulton was asked to put together a case on behalf of the victim that ultimately convinced the semi-truck’s insurance company to pay out fair compensation. 

In many cases, an experienced Bloomington personal injury lawyer will be needed to convince the insurance company to increase their offer.

Additionally, if you do not have a copy of your Bloomington accident report, Boulton Law Group can help locate the report on your behalf and review it free of charge. 

Emergency Contacts for Bloomington Accident Victims

Every accident is unique, and the help that you or your loved one will need will be based on the specific circumstances of your Bloomington personal injury claim.

With this in mind, below is a small list of emergency service contacts, including first responder data and information on trustee’s resources for those who need financial assistance.

If you require additional assistance throughout the duration of your case, our office can work to provide you with resources that may be able to offer tailored support.

Bloomington Police Department Headquarters (BPD)
220 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47401

Bloomington Fire Department Headquarters (BFD)
300 E. 4th Street 
Bloomington, IN 47408

IU Health Bloomington Hospital
601 W. 2nd Street
Bloomington, IN 47403

Monroe Hospital
4011 S. Monroe Medical Park Boulevard
Bloomington, IN 47403

Bloomington Township Trustee’s Office
924 W 17th St, Suite C 
Bloomington, IN 47404

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During attorney Boulton’s 20+ years as a dedicated plaintiffs’ attorney, he has investigated and settled a number of cases on behalf of Monroe County residents for a wide variety of Bloomington personal injury claims.

Experience has taught our firm that insurance companies are not in the business of looking after victims’ best interests. Instead, their profits are made by paying out as little as possible on Indiana accident claims.

To help ensure no one has to face the insurance company on their own, Boulton Law Group offers every Bloomington accident victim a Zero Fee Guarantee. The goal of our guarantee is to provide everyone with equal access to award-winning leal representation.

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