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Matt Boulton

Having previously earned a spot on CNN Money Magazine’s list of the ‘best small towns’ in the United States, Brownsburg’s population has seen a rapid increase over the last decade.

Located next to Indianapolis, the city of Brownsburg also receives a significant amount of automobile traffic from commuters and casual travelers making their way to and from the state’s capital.

Unfortunately, the growing number of Brownsburg residents coupled with its geographic location has also given rise to an increase in car and truck-related accidents.

Brownsburg Accident & Injury Lawyer

A serious accident and injury will always create more questions than answers, and without careful guidance from a qualified Brownsburg injury attorney, a person risks losing their right to fair and just compensation.

Being a resident of Brownsburg, attorney Matt Boulton founded the Boulton Law Group to offer his neighbors and community access to an award-winning personal injury firm.

Since its inception, clients have benefited from attorney Boulton’s proven legal strategies and approach to handling large insurance companies. In addition to a track record of success, the firm has also quickly developed a reputation for its throwback approach to friendly, down-to-earth customer service.

Attorney Boulton has over 20 years of experience helping seriously injured people across Indiana and has been recognized by his peers and respected legal organizations as a leader in the area of plaintiffs’ law.

After your accident, it is critical that you hire a firm whose only focus is personal injury law. At the Boulton Law Group, we strictly focus on accident-related cases that include the following:

No matter the size or type of accident case, the Boulton Law Group offers Brownsburg residents a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means you will never be charged for legal consultations, or investigation efforts on your behalf. The only time we receive payment for our legal help is after we make a recovery on your behalf.

Brownsburg Car Accident Case

In most cases, automobile accidents that occur in Brownsburg fail to receive media coverage. As a result, our residents are often unaware when they occur, even in instances of multiple-car collisions like the one handled by the Boulton Law Group.

After being contacted by one of the victims involved in a 5-car accident, our office immediately retrieved a copy of the police report filed by the Brownsburg Police Department.

According to the officer’s report, the collision occurred on North Green Street at the Northgren Parkway intersection. Each of the drivers involved claimed that northbound traffic was heavy at the time of the accident.

The accident report included a diagram completed by the investigating officer that shows a chain reaction collision that happened when Vehicle 1 was unable to stop in time as Vehicle 2 and 3 were slowing/stopped.

Accident diagram example

Additionally, because it was following too closely for conditions, Vehicle 4 was then unable to stop in time and struck Vehicle 1. This impact then forced Vehicle 1 back into the rear of Vehicle 2, and Vehicle 2 into the rear of Vehicle 3.

Lastly, because it was also following too closely for conditions, Vehicle 5 was unable to stop and struck the rear of Vehicle 4.

The force of the collision was so great that 3 of the 5 vehicles sustained such heavy damage that tow assistance was required for relocation. As a result, the investigating officer estimated the total damages at $25,000.

Fortunately, none of the victims involved required immediate emergency care, however, as is common in soft-tissue related cases, there were after-effects that appeared in the following days.

In a case like this, it is imperative that you visit with your primary care doctor to ensure symptoms do not increase in severity. Additionally, documented medical treatment is required to ensure compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Emergency Contacts for Brownsburg Residents

Depending on the severity of an accident, a victim may require the assistance of several local agencies and health providers. And depending on their involvement, you may also receive a number of bills from some of these groups.

Brownsburg Police Department
31 N Green St, Brownsburg, IN 46112

Fire & Rescue
Brownsburg Fire Territory
470 E Northfield Dr

Brownsburg Fire Station 131
55 E Main St

Brownsburg Fire Territory Station 133
N County Road 1000 East

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To speak with attorney Boulton at no cost, and have him review your potential claim, you can call us direct at 317-350-2680. Or if you prefer to write to us, simply send us details using our website contact form.

The Boulton Law Group aims to offer every caller exceptional service. We understand it is likely you have never been in an accident and are unsure what to do next.

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