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Can Camera Footage Be Used as Evidence in a Car Accident Case?

Posted Mar 22, 2023 by Matt Boulton

A recent Boulton Law Group blog on Indiana’s automated traffic enforcement program raised an interesting question regarding different types of cameras that might capture car accident footage.

Specifically, we were asked: “Can footage from an intersection traffic light camera be used as evidence in an Indiana car accident case?”

The short answer is “no,” but not because camera footage can’t be used as evidence in a car accident case. It’s simply because there is no such camera program currently in place for Indiana’s intersections.

In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Indiana is (at present) one of few states that doesn’t use automated cameras to document drivers who run red lights and/or speed.

However, there are several other types of cameras throughout Indiana that can sometimes inadvertently record footage of a car accident. In these instances, if camera footage is properly and legally located, it can potentially be used as evidence in a car accident personal injury claim.

What Types of Cameras Record Indiana Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, a vast majority of Indiana’s car accidents are not caught on camera, meaning there may sometimes be disagreement about how the collision actually happened.

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In these cases, an insurance company may try to place all or a percentage of fault on your actions. If this happens, you can either be denied compensation or have it reduced by your percentage of liability.

With this in mind, there are instances when a police officer or attorney is able to locate car accident camera footage, and when it’s found, it can be used as evidence to strengthen and prove your personal injury claim.

The following types of cameras are the most common sources of Indiana car accident footage.

Car Dash Camera Accident Footage

A number of consumer technology costs, such as dash cams, have plummeted in recent years. In turn, this has allowed for more drivers to purchase a dash cam and record their daily roadway travels.

In addition to dam cash footage documenting what happens directly in front of a driver, these cameras can also capture accident footage from a collision that occurs in the lanes of traffic traveling in the opposite direction.

With regard to personal injury claims, car dash camera evidence can quickly help to settle any liability dispute between a claimant and the insurance company.

In the event that none of the vehicles involved were making use of a car dash camera, it’s possible that a neutral third party may have captured footage with a dash camera, however, unless they stop to provide a statement, it may be difficult to locate.

Security Camera Accident Footage

Many businesses throughout Indiana are outfitted with various types of security cameras. These cameras are often focused on recording the events inside and directly outside the business premises, but certain angles can sometimes also capture nearby traffic.

As is the case with other types of recorded accident footage, business security cameras can provide undisputable evidence in a personal injury claim, but the video may be very difficult to obtain. In many cases, security camera footage for a business is designed to be erased after a short period of time due to digital storage capacity, etc.

For this reason, it is important that you ask an experienced Indiana accident attorney to investigate your case in the event they can legally secure any potential video evidence.

Phone Camera Accident Footage

Given the ubiquity of mobile phones, there have been cases in which a car accident was caught on the camera of someone who happened to be recording during a traffic accident.

Similar to dash cams, this footage is much easier to obtain if the person who was recording makes their footage available, however, they may be unaware of its importance to a personal injury claim or be unable to provide the footage to authorities.

Other Various Types of Camera Footage

The three (3) examples above represent the most common sources of car accident footage, but there are several other camera sources that can possibly be recording at the time of a collision, such as:

  • GoPro cameras
  • Drone cameras
  • Helmet cameras
  • Bicycle cameras
  • News station cameras
  • Bus cameras, etc.

There can never be a guarantee that your car accident was caught on video, but an experienced attorney should always consider the potential for additional sources of accident footage.

Always Ask an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney to Collect Accident Footage

Keep in mind, securing car accident camera footage can face several personal and legal challenges. As such, we always recommend that you request an Indiana personal injury attorney to conduct the official search and procurement of any suspected camera footage.

Attorney Matt Boulton has investigated a number of Indiana car accident cases that have involved footage from one of several types of cameras. His experience in handling these cases allows him to legally secure this evidence on his clients’ behalf.

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