Can a park can be liable for your water slide injuries?

The summer is a great time to head to a waterpark, but there are some hazards that you could face. With rushing water, there is always a potential for slip-and-fall accidents as well as for children to get stuck in currents or to drown. Swimming-related injuries could occur in wave pools or other water features. Cuts, scrapes and lacerations may also occur.

When it comes to liability, the theme park is responsible for maintaining safe rides and amusements. If you are injured because the safety protocols were not followed or because of a manufacturer’s lack of warnings, then you may be able to file a lawsuit. Remember, even if you sign a waiver, you can file a lawsuit if your injury is a result of hazards on the ride itself that should not be present.

Is a waterpark liable if an employee causes injuries?

The park may also be liable if an employee does something to put you in danger. For example, if an employee pushes someone onto a water slide without permission and that persons suffers an injury, he or she may be liable for any medical bills, lost wages or other financial impacts. If an employee does not carefully measure the height of a child before allowing him or her on a ride, that could also open the park up to liability issues.

Even homeowners can be liable for water slide injuries. It’s a homeowner’s responsibility to monitor guests and to make sure the slide is safe for use. Whether it’s a family friend’s home or a waterpark, the owner of water-based rides or entertainment have to be safe and provide a safe area for you and your family to enjoy your day.

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