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Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Can you pursue a claim if you’re hurt at a stadium?

Posted Oct 12, 2018 by Matt Boulton

If you get hurt while you’re at a sporting event, it’s important that you know whether or not you can make a claim. If so, you may be able to get the money you spent on medical care and other losses back. If your child is hurt, this may apply to him or her also.

Imagine going to a stadium. You’ve planned to watch a football game with your child for the first time. Your little one is just now old enough to appreciate the game while enjoying the crowd. You knew you’d have to sit in the bleachers, but you didn’t expect anything to go wrong. Not long after you sat down, your child was screaming. There was blood everywhere, and you had to rush your child to the emergency room for stitches.

Later, upon returning, you and the people at the stadium find an upturned piece of sharp metal and an area where the stand had broken. That’s where your child slipped and fell, cutting himself on the bleachers while simultaneously getting stuck between the seats.

Do you have a right to pursue a claim?

Usually, you can’t file a lawsuit if you’re hurt because of things like a baseball or football flying into the crowd while you watch the game. However, if you were hurt as a result of the negligence of the maintenance team or owner of the facility, the waiver you sign when you come to the game may be null and void. Your attorney can review your case and let you know what to expect if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Source: FindLaw, “Can You Sue if You’re Hurt at a Sporting Event?,” Andrew Lu, accessed July 27, 2017

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