Can you sue if you slip and fall at a local pool?

As Memorial Day approaches, many facilities are getting ready to open up their pools. Local friends and family members may have them and be excited about having a party with you invited. One risk that pools pose is the risk of slipping and falling due to water on the desk surrounding the pool.

Of course, there are a few ways to prevent these accidents. For example, always walking around the edges of pools is a good way to help you keep your balance. Additionally, wearing shoes with nonslip soles may help you create friction and keep traction in wet areas.

If you do slip and fall at a pool, you may be in a position to sue for compensation. Owners of pools do have a responsibility to keep their pools and the property around them safe. They owe a duty to their guests to make sure they are not exposed to unnecessary hazards.

When you speak to your attorney after an accident, you’ll need to answer a few questions. For example, did the pool owner breach his duty to you by using smooth surfaces around the pool that are easy to slip on or by pushing or otherwise causing you to fall? Did the owner allow water to gather when there should have been a drain?

These are a few things you can think about. If the owner did not take steps to protect you or other people at the party or facility, you may be able to get compensated for your injuries. That compensation can help you cover medical bills and other financial losses.

Source: FindLaw, “If I Slip and Fall at a Pool, Can I Sue?,” accessed May 26, 2017

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