Can you sue if you’ve signed a waiver at a trampoline park?

A trampoline park is a fun place to go with friends and family, but it has the potential to be extremely dangerous. While most facilities take pride in maintaining their trampolines and eliminating hazards, accidents can still happen.

If you signed a waiver when you entered the park, you may believe you have no right to compensation if your child is injured. The truth is that the waiver only applies in cases where the company was not negligent. If the company was negligent, you may have right to a personal injury lawsuit or a premises liability lawsuit.

There was a lawsuit in the past involving a trampoline park. The documents stated that the teen fell through a hole or rip in the trampoline canvas, which caused him to suffer a traumatic brain injury. The premises liability lawsuit stated that the unsafe conditions led to the teen’s injuries.

If your child is hurt in a trampoline park because of exposed wires or springs, torn trampoline canvases or other hazards, you could be entitled to compensation. Trampoline parks aren’t typically regulated by your local ordinances, the city or state, so there are fewer laws to protect you as a consumer. These parks assume that you are accepting risk allowing your child to enter, but hazards are not part of that assumption.

Your attorney can talk to you more about the situation that injured your child. If negligence took place and the park is responsible for the injuries your child suffered, your attorney can help you file a lawsuit that can help you get the compensation needed.

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