Car Found Upside Down in White Lick Creek Near Brownsburg – 2 Dead

A Tuesday afternoon walk for a local Brownsburg resident led to the spotting of a flipped vehicle in White Lick Creek near Brownsburg. Upon closer inspection, it was found that two people were in the car.

Around 3:30 p.m., Hendrick’s County Sheriff’s Office dispatched emergency vehicles as well as divers from the Brownsburg Fire Territory to the scene of the accident at East County Road 350 N and North County Road 600 E.

The divers were able to confirm that there were a total of two deceased adults inside the vehicle and crash reconstruction experts have said that the crash could have potentially occurred at any time over the past two days.

At present, there has been no official identification of either person, however, officials stated that they may have a clue as to one of the individual’s identities based on the vehicle’s license plate.

UPDATE: Hendrick’s County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victims as David Cuskaden, 57, and Lisa Grissom, 53, both of Avon, Indiana.

Once the adults were removed from the vehicle, emergency services were able to remove the vehicle from the creek and identify it as a black Ford Crown Victoria.

According to the Indiana State Police Crash Prediction Tool, the area is quite rural with consistent road curvature:

map of White Lick Creek crash location near Brownsburg, Indiana

Location of White Creek Lick crash near Brownsburg, Indiana

At this time, however, it is unclear whether road configuration or other environmental factors played a role in the crash.

Boulton Law Group will be monitoring this story for updates as to a possible cause of this tragic accident and the identity of those involved.

Safety tips for driving on rural roads

There are a large number of rural roads that run through and surround Brownsburg, Indiana. With this in mind, we have compiled a few safety tips when driving on backroads.

Reduce your speed

While this is our #1 tip for all drivers in any environment, it is especially important if you find yourself on a rural road.

When combined with high speed, a number of environmental factors increase crash risks on rural roads:

  • Deer, opossum, raccoons, skunks, dogs, and a variety of other animals are particularly abundant on rural roads and regularly make their way in front of vehicles quickly and unexpectedly.

A speeding driver has little to no time to react to an animal in the roadway, increasing the odds of a serious crash.

  • Rural roads do not receive the type of care and upkeep similar to Indiana’s main highways and interstates.

Potholes, deterioration, and potential objects in the roadway, e.g., tree limbs, trash, etc., are often cited as a cause for rural road accidents when high speed is involved.

  • The configuration of rural roads is a serious danger for speeding drivers.

Many country roads are filled with precarious curves, unexpected bumps in the road, narrowing of lanes, etc. The unexpected twists and turns of rural roads should encourage every driver to slow down.

Turn on your headlights

Even during the day, the use of headlights helps to increase visibility, especially on rural roads that may be heavily shaded. Having your headlights on also helps other drivers to spot you long before you reach the point of passing one another.

Now is not the time to look at your GPS or be distracted!

Similar to speeding, distracted driving never leads to a good outcome in any environment, however, it can be particularly dangerous on rural roads.

There may be an increased risk that a driver is lost or unsure of their direction when traveling on a rural road. If so, we recommend that you pull over in a safe place to check your location, and not attempt to navigate your map while actively driving.

Never drive on a rural road if you feel tired

If you feel fatigued while driving on a rural road, pull over to a safe area!

Being on a rural road with little to no distractions can contribute to fatigued driving and cause a driver to drift in their lane and or leave the roadway, striking trees and/or flipping their vehicle in an open field.

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