What Are the Most Common Dog Bite Injuries?

The arrival of warmer Indiana days has us turning our thoughts to summer activities: bicycling, casual walks, children playing outside, etc.

Unfortunately, it is also around this time of year that Boulton Law Group sees a spike in phone calls concerning Indianapolis dog bite injuries.

For more than 20 years, attorney Boulton has consulted with and represented a wide variety of dog bite victims throughout Indiana. Having this much experience with these cases also means he has witnessed and investigated almost every type of dog bite and attack case imaginable.

There have been fatal cases involving the elderly; serious injuries to postal workers; victims who were visiting a friend’s home; construction workers; motorcyclists knocked off their bike by a loose dog, and most upsetting, are several cases involving children and babies.

No two dog bite cases are ever alike. They each will have their own circumstances and story. However, our office does see a number of cases that share common injury types.

Common dog bite injuries

Boulton Law Group has handled dog bite in which the injuries ranged in scale from a single bite to attacks that ended in the death of a person or child.

The most common injuries suffered by our clients have included the following:

Mild abrasions – These injuries occur from a dog that has either scraped the skin surface with his teeth or aggressively clawed a person.

Punctures and lacerations – These injuries occur once a dog fully penetrates a person’s skin with their teeth. Depending on the circumstances, punctures and lacerations will widely vary in their seriousness and number of injuries.

Scarring – The severity and location of a victim’s scar can have a significant effect on the value of a dog bite case. As expected, facial scars often command the highest value.

Interestingly enough, attorney Boulton has also witnessed insurance companies attempt to declare scarring on a woman as having more value than those suffered by a man.

Infections – Because of their ability to cause infections in human beings, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps specific records on dog bites and attacks.

The CDC reports that approximately 18% of dog bites lead to an infection. Other studies have identified more than 60 types of bacteria in dogs’ mouths. And while only a minority of these can cause sickness in human, the ones that do have the potential to be critical and even deadly.

Rabies – A viral infection, rabies is one of the more serious injuries a dog bite victim can incur. Without prompt medical attention, a victim runs the real risk of permanent injury and/or death.

Loss of tissue – In cases involving an especially vicious attack, victims may sustain a significant loss of flesh that requires skin grafting.

Broken bones – Dog attacks that involve broken bones can happen in a couple of ways. Either the force of the bite fractures a bone, or the dog attack causes a person to fall, leading to a break.

Nerve damage – Temporary or permanent, a dog bite can lead to nerve damage that effects range of motion or functionality in one or more limbs or appendages.

Psychological effects – The unexpected nature and vicious nature of a dog attack leaves any victims with lasting memories that can easily be triggered by the sight of a dog or sound of a bark.

A majority of our clients who suffered a dog bite report ongoing psychological effects immediately following the attack. In some instances, victims may require professional counseling to help with their fears.

Wrongful death – In worst case scenarios, we have represented families who have lost a loved one due to a dog bite or attack. In most instances, death occurs due to loss of blood caused by a punctured or severed artery.

Unfortunately, a large number of fatal attacks involve babies or young children who are attacked by a single dog or pack.

However, adults are not immune to fatal dog bites. There continue to be stories involving people who are mauled to death due to their inability to fight off one or more dogs that turn on them.

Hire an Indianapolis dog bite lawyer

The unpredictability and circumstances surrounding a dog bite almost always require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer that has several years’ experience handling these claims.

Indiana has very specific dog bite laws regarding liability. On top of understanding state law, proving liability and the performing the investigation for all applicable insurance policies often proves to be an extraordinary undertaking.

Boulton Law Group has talked to victims who attempted to settle their dog bite claim on theirown, only to have their case fully denied, or thrown out due to missing their deadline date.

Talk to attorney Boulton today!

Our firm was founded to give injured clients a legal option that treats them like family. We know how important of a role this plays in cases where the injury is especially personal and at times frightening.

Attorney Boulton and his staff have a special attachment to their dog bite clients. It is one of the reasons he offers a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that no dog bite victim or their family will ever pay a consultation fee, nor will they owe the firm a dime until we recover compensation on their behalf. It helps to ensure a risk-free experience.

Additionally, we spare no expense when it comes to personal service. Attorney Boulton will meet with you or your family wherever is most convenient for you. Whether it be a hospital, your home, or someplace else you desire, it is never a problem.

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