Complacency kills, but you can fight back after a crash

Dangerous drivers put you and others at risk of death on the roads. Why do these people take the risks they do? Some believe they aren’t being risky at all.

According to a National Safety Council (NSC) survey, around 83 percent of drivers surveyed stated that safety was a concern of theirs. Despite that, 64 percent of the drivers admitted that they were comfortable driving over the speed limit. Some stated they were comfortable driving while impaired by marijuana (13 percent). Still others stated that they were okay with driving after they had too much to drink.

This is a shocking realization that many people believe they’re safe to drive when statistics have shown otherwise. Being complacent on the roads sets people up for failure, accidents, injuries and deaths.

The NSC would like to see no traffic deaths in our country. Though that isn’t likely, there are ways the council believes the risk of deaths could be reduced. The NSC suggests mandating ignition interlock devices for those who have been convicted of drunk driving. It believes all cellphone use should be banned, even when used hands-free. The NSC also wants to mandate that all people in vehicles wear their seat belts in all types of vehicles.

Staying safe can be as easy as paying attention to the road and following traffic laws. If you lose a loved one or have severe injuries from a collision, your attorney can discuss your options for compensation with you. Our website has more information on what you can do after a crash.

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