Where are the most dangerous intersections in central Indiana?

As Indiana prepares for warmer temperatures, Hoosiers can count on summer vacations, out of school teen drivers, and better weather leading to more congested roadways.

For this reason, we thought it would be an opportune time to look at the potential risks awaiting local drivers, such as the most dangerous intersections in central Indiana.

Attorney Boulton has more than 20 years’ experience investigating car accidents, and some of the most devastating injuries he witnesses are the result of collisions that occur at an intersection.

This is especially true when the police accident report reveals an at-fault driver simply blew through a stoplight or stop sign, often resulting in a t-bone or head-on collision.

With this in mind, where are intersection-style accidents most likely to occur in central Indiana?

Central Indiana’s Top 10 most dangerous intersections

When we asked our office staff to guess where the majority of intersection accidents occur, nearly everyone guessed downtown Indianapolis, given the large number of stoplights, traffic activity, large number of pedestrians, and overall congestion.

Interestingly enough, Indiana State Police data collected in 2016 and 2017 reveals that the top four most dangerous intersections in central Indiana all exist in Hamilton County. And unsurprising to some, each of these offending intersections are roundabouts.

Most dangerous roundabout intersection locations:

Olio Road and Southeastern Parkway – 133 collisions

116th Street and Keystone Parkway – 122 collisions

116th Street and Pennsylvania Street – 107 collisions

116th Street and Illinois Street – 106 collisions

On one hand, the number of accidents at each of these locations reveals a need for everyone to navigate roundabouts with extreme caution, as drivers continue to struggle with right-of-way and merge laws.

However, the good news for accident victims involved in a roundabout collision is that your likelihood of suffering a traumatic injury is much lower due to decreased speeds and positioning of the vehicles.

The remainder of the top 10 dangerous intersections in central Indiana include:

38th Street and High School Road – Stoplight controlled intersection – 90 collisions

56th Street and Georgetown Road – Stoplight controlled intersection – 90 collisions

38th Street and Moller Drive – Stoplight controlled intersection – 81 collisions

86th Street and Keystone Avenue – Stoplight controlled intersection – 81 collisions

38th Street and Guion Road – Stop sign controlled intersection – 80 collisions

53rd Street and Scatterfield Road – Stoplight controlled intersection – 72 collisions

Unlike the roundabout accidents, collisions at these intersections had an extremely high rate or serious injury, sometimes including death.

Types of injuries caused by intersection-related accidents

Any number of injuries can occur when you are involved in an accident that occurs in an intersection, however, Boulton Law Group often sees the following:

  • Broken bones – Clients who have suffer broken bones are typically t-boned as a result of a driver running a red light or failing to yield at a stop sign.
  • Soft tissue injuries (neck and back) – Victims that sustain soft-tissue injuries at an intersection-related accident are usually struck from behind after a driver fails to stop in time at a red light.
  • Wrongful death – Wrongful deaths at an intersection can result from any number of factors, including being t-boned, hit head-on, or struck by a driver who is traveling at a high rate of speed.

No matter the size or type of collision that occurs at an intersection, the number one priority for victims should be to seek medical treatment and ensure they have received a thorough examination by an ER doctor or family physician.

Zero Fee Guarantee Indianapolis injury attorney

If you have been injured in a collision that happened at an intersection, we encourage you to contact an experienced Indianapolis accident attorney that offers free case evaluations.

Boulton Law Group offers all Indiana accident victims a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you will never pay for a case consultation and you owe us nothing unless we make a recovery on your behalf. This helps to create a risk-free opportunity for accident victims who require the help of an award-winning accident attorney.

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