Did a low-impact crash cause your soft tissue injury?

Serious injuries are not only the result of high-speed car crashes; you can also be severely injured in a low-impact accident. Perhaps you are rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, or in the supermarket parking lot.

The thing is, you may walk away from a low-impact collision with nothing more than a stiff neck or a headache, but these may be signs of underlying issues, and you should not delay in seeking medical assistance. It is essential for your health and for any insurance claim you might make.

Low-impact collision issues

Even in an accident involving vehicles traveling at 2.5 miles per hour, a crash could cause soft tissue injuries that, while not visible, are serious. For example, when your body absorbs the hit, your head snaps back and forth. A ligament may tear, a disk in your spine may herniate and tendons may stretch, all because of a minor car crash. The most dangerous result of a soft tissue injury may be a traumatic brain injury.

Symptoms you should not ignore

In addition to a headache or stiff neck, some of the symptoms that might develop after the crash include dizziness, blurry vision, numbness, nausea or outright pain. These could indicate the presence of soft tissue injuries. Long-term problems may require therapy or surgery. As scar tissue heals, it could cause nerve damage, which is yet another concern. You might also experience ongoing muscle spasms, joint pain or back pain.

How a medical report helps

Immediate medical consultation is not only necessary for the sake of diagnosis and to provide any care you might need, but it is also essential for reasons of the monetary compensation that may be due you. Because they do not provide objective evidence, soft tissue injuries are difficult to prove in court, but this is where your medical reports come in. If the causal link between the low-impact crash and your injuries can be demonstrated, your personal injury attorney will have an effective way to establish your claim and deal with insurance companies that may try to reduce or deny your right to compensation.

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