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Eagle Creek Greenway & West 56th Street Pose Dangers for Pedestrians & Bicyclists

Posted Feb 20, 2023 by Matt Boulton

A worrisome trend at Eagle Creek Greenway near West 56th Street has Hoosier pedestrians and bicyclists concerned for their lives: regularly speeding vehicles and multiple auto accidents.

Located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, the busy location includes a number of people walking and riding their bikes, some of whom saw the aftermath of a recent (Feb. 13th) auto accident in which a speeding car lost control and broke through a fence.

The speed limit on West 56th Street is 40 MPH, however, those who walk or bike near the Eagle Creek Greenway area routinely witness vehicles traveling at speeds far above the posted limit. In fact, a recent radar gun test found drivers in the area traveling at 60 mph, 50 mph, and several in the high-40’s.

And despite safety barriers being in place for pedestrians and bicyclists, one vehicle recently managed to strike and break a number of concrete pillars designed to separate traffic from “safe areas.” Had a pedestrian or bicyclist been in the area at the time, the safety barriers would not have prevented them from being struck by the vehicle.

Due to the number auto accidents witnessed by pedestrians and bicyclists in this area, some say they have attempted to find other, safer places to walk or bike.

Is Anything Being Done to Slow Down Eagle Creek Greenway Traffic?

As of this blog’s date, Boulton Law Group was unable to identify any additional sources that indicated further protective measures for pedestrians and bicyclists were being sought.

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However, according to Fox59’s report, local IMPD Public Information Officer Genae Cook confirmed that “excessive speed” has become a frightening trend across the entire city of Indianapolis as well as the rest of the country.

Additionally, Officer Cook advised Hoosiers to use IMPD’s online traffic complaint form to report concerns such as speeding, dangerous roadways, or anything that may constitute a traffic/safety hazard.

Per Officer Cook, “The more we know about it, the more we can do about it.”

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