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Matt Boulton

Evansville Personal Injury Lawyer

Evansville is the largest city in Southern Indiana, home to nearly 118,000 people. Many locals are longtime residents that have watched Vanderburgh County undergo a number of commercial and residential changes throughout the past several years, largely in the form of growth. 

In addition to its ever-changing landscape, Evansville also shares a southern border with Kentucky and sits just east of Illinois, making it part of Indiana’s much traveled Tri-state area. Simply put, the the city’s geographic makeup is one-of-a-kind.

And while Evansville maintains a style all its own, there can also be an unpleasant downside to the city’s popularity and location, specifically with regard to personal injury incidents. 

For more than 25 yearsattorney Matt Boulton has been helping Evansville’s accident victims and their families with a variety of personal injury claims, including:

If you were hurt through no fault of your own, we encourage you to speak with an Evansville personal injury lawyer who offers the following:

  • Free case evaluations.
  • Specific experience with Evansville accident claims.
  • Understanding of the Vanderburgh court system.
  • Focuses exclusively on Indiana personal injury law.  

Last, be sure to check the law firm’s client reviews to see if they appear to have a positive reputation. 

How Can Boulton Law Group Help You?

 In addition to winning your case, we aim to ease the burden for each of our clients. Whether its handling the insurance company or contacting bill collectors on your behalf, we take care of the distractions so that you can focus on your health.  

Ultimately, Boulton Law Group’s goal is to help you recover the following types of compensation for your accident and injury:

  • Medical bills 
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Once your doctors have officially released you from treatment, we use our knowledge of Evansville injury claims and the insurance industry to prepare a carefully constructed demand package on your behalf.

Demand packages are a professional overview of your injury, subsequent treatment, and a personal account of the accident’s effects on you. Once these pieces are in place, we present your case in the most powerful fashion possible, leaving the insurance company with little choice but to meet our demands.

Last, When you choose Boulton Law Group, you will be treated with respect and empathy. We understand the finest details of your case. We get to know you as a person. We make sure you Get Treated Like Family

Evansville Auto Accident Statistics 

While are continually kept updated on Indiana’s most recent state laws and accident news, Boulton Law Group also analyzes annual data from the Indiana Crash Facts Publication by Indiana University Public Policy Institute.

This report provides statewide statistics aimed at identifying Indiana’s accident trends. The report also includes supplementary data on factors that contribute to injuries and wrongful deaths, including alcohol-related incidents and the use of safety devices.

According to the publication’s most recent release, Vanderburgh County authorities responded to 6,879 auto accidents in 2018. In relation to Indiana’s other 91 counties, Evansville and its surrounding townships rank #8 in terms of the most automobile accidents statewide.

A closer look at the crash statistics reveal information regarding the type and seriousness nature of these collisions:

  • 12,446 accident victims – This total is all-inclusive, meaning it accounts for drivers, passengers, and/or pedestrians that were involved or affected by Vanderburgh County’s 6,879 automobile accidents.
  • 16 total fatalities – This number represents a combination of solo-vehicle accidents as well as multi-car incidents that resulted in a wrongful death.
  • 77 incapacitating injuries – When a victim is listed as having an incapacitating injury, it means that their normal ability to function has been affected, i.e., they have suffered a broken boneTBI, or other serious injuries.
  • 1,767 non-incapacitating injuries – In most instances, these are injuries that were minor or simply not reported at the scene of the accident. However, we have witnessed injuries that were originally reported as non-incapacitating worsen over time.
  • 226 speed-related incidents – Investigating officers will investigate a number of factors to determine if speed was a factor, including physical evidence, witness statements, etc.
  • 78 alcohol-impaired incidents  These incidents account for the driver of one or more vehicles involved in a particular accident. It does not account for illicit drug-use, which was not included in this study.

It should also be noted that 90 Vanderburgh County accidents involved a motorcyclist in the year 2018, making it home to the 7th highest total number of motorcycle crashes for all counties in the state of Indiana. 

With these statistics in mind, it makes sense to look at Evansville’s unique features that may pose added risk to automobile drivers.

Unique Risks for Evansville Drivers 

A number of risks facing local drivers is due to the fact that Evansville is a part of the Tri-state area. As a result of being a border city, residents see an increase in traffic, as commuters and out-of-state travelers criss-cross their way throughout Vanderburgh County.

However, Evansville also has a number of unique environmental factors that contribute to the total number of accidents throughout the city and county, including:

Highway 41 – Known by many Evansville residents, Highway 41 is a busy roadway that is responsible for a number of traumatic car accidents.

In fact, Highway 41 has the unfortunate honor of being named Indiana’s deadliest road. Part of the reason for this may be the highway’s large amount of traffic, speeding, and many intersections.

Crossing the Ohio River from Henderson, Kentucky, Highway 41 cuts through the center of Evansville and serves as a high-capacity roadway for local residents and out-of-town travelers alike.

Highway 41 is an arterial roadway that is known for its traffic lights and stop-and-go traffic. Added to this is a regular stream of vehicles turning onto Highway 41 from retail shops, gas stations, and local neighborhoods. 

Last, Highway 41 also serves as a feeder for I-69 traffic, as well as US Highway 66, and US Highway 62

University of Southern Indiana – A number of Evansville personal injury incidents have also involved students who attend the University of Southern Indiana for undergrad or post-graduate studies.

The seasonality of a large college can be a source of unpredictability for Vanderburgh residents. In addition to the start and end of various semesters, USI also hosts a number of special events on or near campus that can be sources of surges in traffic.

Evansville Road construction – Ongoing construction throughout the city and on local interstates has also been a source of serious car accidents.

Evansville Car Accident Case 

Boulton Law Group has investigated a number of Evansville automobile accidents that had various liability factors and insurance concerns. 

With that in mind, attorney Boulton will carefully review your Evansville accident report to look for any potential concerns that might affect the strength of your case.

The majority of auto accident reports are completed by local Evansville authorities or Indiana State Police. However, no matter which agency responds, all accident reports are standardized and will contain similar fields and diagram requirements. 

Such was the case for a 2-vehicle accident in Evansville that involved a parked vehicle on Clover Drive near Blossom Lane:

diagram of Evansville, Indiana car accident

According to the Evansville accident report, the two vehicles involved, included:

  • V1 (SUV) traveling northbound on Clover Drive approaching Blossom Lane.
  • V2 (passenger car) parked on the east side of Clover Drive.

The accident report further described the details of the accident in the following narrative:

As the SUV traveled north on Clover Drive, the vehicle began to drift to the east side of the street until it collided with the passenger vehicle. The driver of the SUV stated that they were looking for a street sign at the time of the collision and did notice that their vehicle had started to drift.

The driver of the passenger car did not see the oncoming vehicle until the last second and was unable to avoid the collision.

The driver of the SUV admitted fault at the scene, however, further accident report details and evidence noted additional facts and contributing factors:

  • the driver of the SUV was cited with a misdemeanor (IC 9-30-5-2) for operating a vehicle in a manner than endangered another person. 
  • the light conditions were marked as “dark” by the reporting officer. 
  • the surface conditions of the roadway were noted as “wet.”
  • the contributing factors responsible for the accident were noted as “prescription drugs” and “improper lane usage.”

Unfortunately, the collision resulted in injuries to the drivers of both vehicles and required an ambulance to transport both drivers to Deaconess Hospital.

The occupant of vehicle 2 eventually contacted Boulton law Group after receiving an unfair offer from the insurance company. 

This accident serves as an example of how an insurance company may undervalue a claim despite the fact that there are clear liability and injuries associated with the incident. 

Attorney Boulton was able to use the case facts and medical documentation to convince the insurance company to increase their offer to an amount that was acceptable to our client.

In many cases, an experienced Evansville personal injury lawyer will be needed to convince the insurance company to increase its offer.

Additionally, if you do not have a copy of your Evansville accident reportBoulton Law Group can help locate the report on your behalf and review it free of charge. 

Emergency Contacts for Evansville Accident Victims

Every accident is unique, and the help that you or your loved one will need will be based on the specific circumstances of your Evansville personal injury claim.

With this in mind, below is a list of emergency service contacts, including first responder data and information on trustee’s resources for those who need financial assistance.

If you require additional assistance throughout the duration of your case, our office can work to locate resources that may be able to offer tailored support.

Evansville Police Department Headquarters
15 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Evansville, IN 47708

Evansville Fire Department Headquarters
550 SE 8th Street 
Evansville, IN 47713

Deaconess Midtown Hospital
600 Mary Street
Evansville, IN 47710

Ascension St. Vincent Evansville
3700 Washington Ave
Evansville, IN 47714

Knight Township Trustee’s Office
1116 N. Weinbach Avenue 
Evansville, IN 47711

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Keep in mind, the insurance company does not work with the best interest of the victim in mind. This means that they will not reveal to you the maximum payout for your personal injury claim. Their goal is to decrease their exposure and offer a smaller amount.

For this reason, no matter the type or size of your case, we recommend that you ask an experienced Evansville personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation.

To help ensure no one has to face the insurance company on their own, Boulton Law Group offers every Evansville accident victim a Zero Fee Guarantee. The goal of our guarantee is to provide everyone with equal access to award-winning leal representation.

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