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Failure to Yield Car Accident Case: Avon, Indiana

Posted Oct 17, 2022 by Matt Boulton

Having investigated and reviewed countless Indiana car accident reports, attorney Matt Boulton has seen a wide variety of liability factors that contribute to collisions. However, one cause continues to make regular appearances on these reports: Failure to Yield.

Simply put, Failure to Yield occurs when a driver fails to give the legal right-of-way to another vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian. In many instances, Failure to Yield collisions occur at or near a roadway intersection that is controlled by one or more types of traffic signals/signs.

Who is at Fault for a Failure to Yield Car Accident?

Knowing which person will be liable for a Failure to Yield car accident can depend on a number of factors and/or contributing circumstances. For this reason, you may wish to consult an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney to review your potential case.

If an investigation determines that you were not liable for the car accident, Indiana law allows injured victims to seek compensation for a variety of damages, including:

  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering
  • lost wages, etc.

Boulton Law Group recently helped a client recover similar compensation for a Failure to Yield car accident case that occurred in Avon, Indiana. To better understand the liability factors for a Failure to Yield collision, we’ll review some case details below.

Failure to Yield Causes Car Accident in Avon, Indiana

Boulton Law Group helps injured Hoosiers throughout the entire state of Indiana, however, this particular car accident occurred in Avon, a short distance from our office.

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After being contacted by the accident victim, Matt’s first priority was to ensure the accident report matched his client’s version of the events that preceded the collision. (In some instances, there may be an inconsistency or error on an accident report that needs further investigation.)

In this case, the accident report diagram and official narrative confirmed our client’s memory of the accident:

Failure to Yield Car Accident Diagram

According to the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department, Driver 1 stated that she was in the center turn lane of US 36 at CR 625 E, facing south, just prior to the collision. She stated she had a blinking yellow light and thought it was clear to go straight through the intersection. She further stated that as she attempted to cross the intersection, her vehicle was struck on the front passenger side by our Client (Driver 2).

Driver 2 stated he was eastbound on US 36 prior to the collision. He stated he had a green light on US 36. He further stated that as he drove through the intersection of US 36 and CR 625 E, Driver 1 pulled out in front of him and the front driver’s side of his vehicle struck Driver 1.

In this particular accident, the driver of a third vehicle (W1), happened to witness the collision.

W1 stated he was behind Vehicle 1 in the center turn lane at the time of the accident. He stated that Driver 1 had a blinking yellow light and attempted to go straight through the intersection when it was struck by Driver 2. W1 also stated that Driver 2 had a green light on US 36 but it was difficult to see eastbound traffic due to two other vehicles in the left turn lane of eastbound US 36. W1 stated he honked his horn at Driver 1 when she began to pull out in front of Driver 2 to warn her of the oncoming vehicle.

When Driver 2 hit the the front passenger’s side of Driver 1 with his front driver’s side, the collision caused Driver 1 to spin approximately 180 degrees. Driver 2’s vehicle continued eastbound on US 36 before coming to rest on the left eastbound shoulder of US 36.

The primary cause of the collision listed o the accident report was Failure to Yield on the part of Driver 1.

As a result of the collision, Driver 2 was checked out by emergency personnel for complaints of pain to his back.

Indiana’s Failure to Yield Law for Intersections

Because this accident occurred at an intersection, it’s important to further confirm the report’s findings by determining what Indiana’s laws have to say on Failure to Yield cases:

IC 9-21-8-30 Intersections; vehicles approaching from opposite directions; yield of right-of-way

     Sec. 30. A person who drives a vehicle within an intersection intending to turn to the left shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction that is within the intersection or so close to the intersection as to constitute an immediate hazard. After yielding and giving a signal as required by this chapter, the person who drives the vehicle may make the left turn, and the persons who drive other vehicles approaching the intersection from the opposite direction shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle making the left turn.

There are a number of additional references to Indiana’s right-of-way laws, however, this general explanation makes it clear which driver is found liable for Failure to Yield.

Avon Personal Injury Attorney

Due to the injuries sustained, Driver 2 hired Boulton Law Group to handle the accident claims process on his behalf.

After hiring an Avon personal injury attorney, Hendricks County accident victims are free to focus on their physical and mental recovery, while the attorney handles the insurance company.

Having handled several cases for residents of Avon, Matt was able to rely on a solid history of experience to help ensure his client received maximum value for their damages.

Questions About a Car Accident?

If you have been injured in a Failure to Yield car accident and are unsure what to do next, you might benefit from contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.

In addition to understanding your legal rights, an experienced attorney should be able to determine whether or not you have a potential claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Attorney Matt Boulton has been helping Indiana car accident victims for more than 25 years. His reputation for client service and results has led him to be sought after by injured Hoosiers throughout the state.

Boulton Law Group offers every car accident victim a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you will never pay for a case review, nor do you owe the firm anything unless we are hired and make a recovery on your behalf.

If you have questions about a Failure to Yield car accident case, you can contact us by using our free and confidential contact form.

Matt Boulton

Author Matt Boulton

Attorney Matt Boulton is an award-winning personal injury attorney with more than 25 years of experience helping seriously injured people throughout Indiana. He designed his firm for the client who expects exceptional service and passionate, successful legal representation.

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