Finding Car Accident Video Footage for a Personal Injury Case

After a serious Indiana car accident, most Hoosiers simply want to be fairly compensated and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, car accident cases involving traumatic injuries are rarely that clear-cut.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for many car accident cases to hit a snag out of the gate with regard to evidence.

The goal of every insurance company is to limit its exposure by shifting some or all of the blame from its insured to the other party. One of the first steps they’ll take in an attempt to make this happen is reviewing a long list of evidence, such as:

  • Indiana accident report(s)
  • Witness statements
  • Crash scene pictures
  • Injuries
  • Physical evidence, e.g., damage to the vehicles
  • Weather report(s)

And while various types of traditional evidence such as those above have long been used to help settle car accident personal injury claims, there is one tell-tale factor that has become more prominent due to recent innovations: video footage.

Unlike a police report or still-photo of the crash scene, video footage can often provide indisputable evidence with regard to the cause of a car accident.

It should also be noted that cameras have been invaluable in personal injury claims involving pedestrians. For example, crosswalk accidents are often a source of contested liability and video footage has the potential to dramatically alter the outcome of these cases.

Due to the potential role video can play in proving personal injury liability, it is important to know where to look for this footage and how to properly request it.

Ask an Injury Attorney to Search for Footage of the Car Accident

To increase the chances of finding video footage of your car accident, we recommend that you work with a source who is familiar with the in’s and out’s of auto collisions: an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney.

For example, attorney Matt Boulton has investigated a number of car accident cases throughout Indiana in which, unknown to the victim, the accident was caught on video.

Matt’s experience with car accident claims has taught him which locations and scenarios are more likely to have footage, and if it exists, how to officially request it.

Where Might Car Accident Footage Exist?

Intersection Traffic Cameras

Many cities have currently installed intersection traffic cameras to monitor redlight runners, speeding, and other auto-related infractions. If your car accident happened at an intersection that is outfitted with one of these cameras, video footage of the collision may possibly exist.

However, because these cameras are owned by the local government, obtaining the footage can be a bit more challenging without the help of an attorney.

If Matt believes your accident was caught recorded by a traffic camera, it may require him to make a formal request with the city or state on your behalf.

City or State-Owned Security Cameras

While similar to traffic cameras, city or state-owned security cameras are more concerned with capturing video-related evidence connected to criminal activity, however, they may also be installed at intersections where regular car crashes occur.

At last count, Indianapolis had approximately 130 security cameras positioned throughout the city, however, it was also working on replacing a number of these units, as they were suffering from storm damage or age-related deterioration.

Private-Owned Traffic Cameras

In addition to the hundreds of cameras installed by Indiana’s state and local governments, there are also many lesser-known cameras that may be a potential source for car accident footage.

For example, Weather Bug has several traffic cameras stationed at various interstate locations throughout Indianapolis that could serve as a potential source for crash-related evidence.

Additionally, local Indianapolis news stations such as WTHR have also installed a number of cameras that span several Indiana counties.

While the majority of cameras from these sources are concerned with weather-related conditions, their positioning also tends to be focused on areas that see high-volume traffic, especially during rush hour times.

If Matt believes your car accident was caught on a private-owned traffic camera, he may investigate the proper channels and contact these sources directly with an official request for any evidence-related footage.

Business Security Cameras

Many companies and business owners will install security cameras to survey their property and/or monitor for criminal activity. The range of these cameras will often include surrounding streets and roads, and a number of car accidents may be unintentionally recorded by the business.

However, some businesses may claim the footage is only kept for a certain amount of time. It is also possible for a business to declare the contents of the camera as private property. For reasons such as these, it is best to ask Matt to inquire on your behalf so that he can take the necessary steps to obtain any potential footage.

Police Dashboard Camera

Whether it’s IMPD, ISP, or one of Indiana’s many other local city police departments, officers and their law enforcement vehicles are equipped with either bodycams or dashboard cameras that have the potential to capture a car accident crash sequence.

In these instances, the officer who captures the footage will likely also provide assistance at the scene of the accident. Once your Indiana accident report is made available, Matt will be able to determine if an official request for any potential footage needs to be made.

Passenger Car & Truck Dashboard Cameras

As the price of portable camera technology has decreased, a number of Hoosiers have outfitted their personal vehicles with dashboard cameras, increasing the chances that everyday car accidents are captured on video.

Of course, unless a driver with a dashboard camera stops, the likelihood of locating your footage decreases significantly.

Residential Cameras

There has been a surge in the number of Indiana homes that are outfitted with camera-based security systems. Products such as Ring security cameras are readily available to anyone who wishes to monitor what is happening in and around their house.

And whether the home is situated inside a neighborhood or off a busy road, there have been a number of instances in which a doorbell or other outdoor-positioned camera has captured a car accident footage.

For example, doorbell cams have the potential to record collisions caused by someone backing out of a driveway and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Will the Insurance Company Search for Video Footage?

The insurance company’s decision to seek out video footage will depend on whether or not they believe they need it to support their case.

In other words, if all other sources of evidence suggest that you are partially or fully at fault for the car accident, don’t expect the insurance company to take further steps to secure any potential video footage that might suggest otherwise.

For this reason, among many others, if you have been injured in a car accident, we recommend that you first contact an attorney who focuses exclusively on personal injury so that they can advise you of your rights according to Indiana law.

Questions About Your Car Accident Case? Talk to Matt!

Attorney Matt Boulton has more than 20 years’ experience helping car accident victims throughout Indiana. Matt’s experience with auto claims helps to ensure your case receives a proper investigation, including the identification of supporting evidence, such as video footage.

In addition to the goal of securing winning settlements and verdicts on his clients’ behalf, Matt places equal focus on ensuring everyone who chooses Boulton Law Group is Treated Like Family.

If you were injured in an Indiana car accident and have questions about your next steps, contact Matt for free and friendly legal advice. As part of our Zero Fee Guarantee, you owe our firm nothing until we win your case.

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