Head injuries impact your future

Head injuries can cause a range of problems for individuals ranging from swelling on the brain to cracks in the skull. It’s possible to suffer life-altering symptoms as a result of brain damage.

Head injuries in car crashes tend to happen in one of two ways. The first is through a direct impact. The second is through torsion.In a direct impact, the head hits the windshield, dashboard, window or other hard surface. That impact forces the skull to take the brunt of the force, whereas the brain inside is thrown forward into the skull. In severe instances, the brain also impacts the back of the skull, which results in injuries parallel to one another on each side of the brain.

A torsion-related injury is more likely when you don’t hit your head but twist or whip it quickly. When the brain doesn’t move as fast as the rest of your skeleton, the ligaments can’t support the rapid change in position. This leads to swelling, tears and other issues. The brain may impact the skull due to this injury as well.

In both cases, it’s possible to have life-altering symptoms. Patients with bleeding and swelling may require emergency surgery to reduce the pressure on the brain. Others may be given medications to reduce the pressure on the brain. In any case, failing to reduce the pressure quickly can cause further damage.

Head injuries are life-changing. If you’re hurt, remember that you can pursue a claim. It’s important to have enough compensation to cover all your needs now and in the future. Our site has more on the steps you can take next.

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