How do I escape an angry dog without getting bitten?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog lover or not, if you’re facing off with a big, growling and angry canine, you’re probably going to be terrified. You’ll also want to know how to get out of the situation without getting seriously hurt — or even killed — by the animal.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to be a “dog whisperer” to calm an angry pet. Even if you can’t make the dog your “best friend,” with the following tricks, you just might escape the animal unharmed.

Watch for signs of aggression: The best way to avoid an attack is to watch for the early warning signs that you’re dealing with a potentially aggressive animal. If the dog exhibits the following signs, it might be prone to attacking you:

  • Tense and stiff body and tail
  • Ears that are pulled back
  • A brow that is furrowed
  • Eyes that begin to roll back so only the whites can be seen
  • A yawning motion of the mouth
  • A flicking tongue
  • An intense and glaring stare
  • The dog starts to crouch and back away from you

Create space: When the dog looks aggressive, don’t turn around and run away. Remain facing the dog as you slowly and calmly back away.

Do not scream: Making noise will only frighten and agitate the dog.

Stay motionless: Don’t wave your arms or make jerky movements, and don’t make intense eye contact.

If the dog attacks: If the dog wants to attack you, give the dog anything you have to keep it occupied, like your jacket, a piece of clothing, a backpack or your bicycle.

Curl into a ball: As a last result, curl into a ball and play dead while protecting your neck, ears and face with your hands and arms.

Although these tips can help, sometimes there’s nothing we can do to avoid a dog attack. If you were seriously hurt, the law may be on your side to pursue financial restitution and justice.

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