Indiana Closer to Outlawing Hand-Held Devices (Cell Phones) for Drivers

Boulton Law Group recently discussed Governor Eric Holcomb’s push to outlaw distracted driving. Wednesday afternoon saw the governor’s wish inch closer to reality, as Indiana’s House of Representatives issued an overwhelming vote of 86-10 to pass HB 1070.

The bill will now be passed to the Senate as part of the process to become an official Indiana law.

What does HB 1070 say?

HB 1070 (the proposed distracted driving law) states:

“A person may not hold or use a telecommunication device in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is in motion unless the device is used in conjunction with hands-free or voice-operated technology or used to call 911 to report a bona fide emergency.”

Should Indiana outlaw cell phone use for drivers?

In 2017, Indiana law enforcement responded to 10,738 vehicular accidents that were caused by distracted driving. Of this total, they were able to determine that 1,272 accidents were tied directly to cell phone distraction. (Statistics courtesy of Indiana University Public Policy Institute, Indiana Crash Facts 2017.)

As is the case with many new laws and/or proposed change, there will always be a differing of opinion.

HB 1070 has proven to be no exception:

  • On one side, people express concern that the passing of much more strict laws against distracted driving infringes on an individual’s right to make their own decisions.
  • On the other side, people point to the inherent dangers of using a cell phone while driving and believe that the bill is critical to helping prevent injuries and saving lives.

Our view: Boulton Law Group has represented a number of car accident victims that were seriously injured by a driver who was distracted by their cell phone. We have also witnessed the pain of families who have lost a loved one to an accident caused by cell phone use.

Additionally, years of data and countless studies continue to prove that distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicular accidents on America’s highways.

If HB 1070 prevents future occurrences of our firm having to meet with victims whose lives have been interrupted by a distracted driver, it has our complete and full support.

Were you injured by a distracted driver?

Attorney Matt Boulton has more than 20 years’ experience helping injured people throughout Indiana.

No matter the size or type of distracted driving accident, Boulton Law Group’s clients are backed by an award-winning firm that places emphasis on providing exceptional customer service.

Distracted driving cases can prove to be difficult without the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. For example, an insurance company may deny that their insured was on their phone at the time of the accident. In these instances, we can secure official records and data from the telephone carrier to prove our client’s case.

Boulton Law Group offers victims of distracted driving accidents a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that consultations are free. Also, you owe our firm nothing until we win your case. This helps to ensure that every Hoosier can afford reputable legal counsel no matter their financial situation.

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