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Why an Indiana Semi-Truck Attorney is Important to Your Personal Injury Claim

Posted Jun 20, 2023 by Matt Boulton

Known as the ‘Crossroads of America‘, Indiana has long been a gateway for many trucking companies shipping goods across our country. Unfortunately, this means our state also sees a concerning number of high-profile semi-truck accidents.

For 25+ years, attorney Matt Boulton has investigated and handled semi-truck accident claims for Hoosiers throughout Indiana. Whether it’s a crash that occurs on a major interstate, like I-65, or a collision that happens on a city highway, such as U.S. 31, Matt understands the gravity of semi-truck accident cases, as they often involve serious and/or fatal injuries.

Due to the serious nature of these cases, Matt recommends accident victims contact an Indiana semi-truck accident attorney as early as possible to ensure they have a legal advocate solely on their side.

Below are a few examples of how Boulton Law Group helps to ensure its semi-truck accident clients receive maximum compensation for their case.

Proving Semi-Truck Accident Liability

To ensure you receive justice in a semi-truck accident case, nothing is more important than proving liability and identifying the appropriate defendant(s). Insurance companies will look at every possible angle in an attempt to avoid liability.

As such, attorney Boulton takes no shortcuts in working to help ensure his clients are absolved of any liability for the accident. In addition to his own investigation, attorney Boulton has relationships with professionals who reconstruct and analyze semi-truck crash sites. His goal is to make use of all possible assets and be at the crash site (or salvage yard) before the trucking company’s rapid response team has disturbed any possible evidence.

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Additionally, attorney Boulton can help to locate and interview witnesses, ensuring the right questions are asked and all answers are documented; he has access to online portals that allows him to collect copies of police reports and any applicable addendums; he immediately serves as a buffer to the insurance company, and he makes sure any recorded statement requests are denied or performed with him at your side.

Collecting and Securing Evidence

Indiana’s personal injury laws require semi-truck accident victims to prove their case. This means there must be enough evidence to establish your version of liability as fact and prove that the defendant is at fault.

And because trucking companies are typically required to carry insurance policies between $750,000 to $1,000,000, these investigations must take advantage of every possible piece of evidence that works in your favor.

Hiring an Indiana semi-truck accident attorney helps to ensure the evidence collection process is conducted in a professional and effective manner. Attorney Boulton knows what evidence is key to your semi-truck accident case, including:

  • Semi-truck black box data, i.e., truck analytics
  • State and federal compliance reports
  • Semi-truck maintenance records
  • Electronic logbooks
  • Crash site data
  • Vehicle and/or property damage
  • Witness statements
  • Street camera and/or vehicle video footage
  • Trucking company records, e.g., past violations
  • Indiana accident reports and/or addendums
  • Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and/or drug testing evidence

Having attorney Boulton legally secure and store evidence will help to prove your case, as well as provide a foundation for the cause of your injuries, medical bills, wage loss, and any pain and suffering.

Negotiate a Proper Settlement

Boulton Law Group never recommends a semi-truck accident victim (or non-attorney) to attempt a settlement negotiation without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Remember, the insurance company has one goal: Mitigate the trucking company’s liability and attempt to settle the claim for less than its maximum worth. Unless you have day-to-day experience in handling insurance company tactics and negotiations, it’s possible for you to receive much less than you deserve.

Indiana’s personal injury laws aren’t stagnant, meaning processes, liability factors, and case valuations are subject to change at a moment’s notice. Having a semi-truck accident attorney on your side evens the playing field, helping to ensure you have resources to match the insurance company’s defense, as well as handle every aspect of negotiations that return maximum financial compensation.

Additionally, an experienced Indiana injury attorney can give you an idea of what your semi-truck accident case is worth before negotiations take place.

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Above all else, it’s important for semi-truck accident victims to ensure their rights are protected under Indiana’s personal injury laws. Not fully understanding your legal rights, or how laws can work against you, places your entire case in jeopardy.

As such, Boulton Law Group provides a Zero Fee Guarantee to any Hoosier injured in a semi-truck accident. This means you will never be charged a consultation fee, and you owe the firm nothing unless we are hired and a financial recovery is made on your behalf.

If you’d like for attorney Boulton to review your potential claim, you can send the details of your story to him by using the firm’s confidential, free contact form.

We look forward to learning more about how we might be able to help you and your family.

Matt Boulton

Author Matt Boulton

Attorney Matt Boulton is an award-winning personal injury attorney with more than 25 years of experience helping seriously injured people throughout Indiana. He designed his firm for the client who expects exceptional service and passionate, successful legal representation.

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