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Indiana’s ‘Click It or Ticket’ Seat Belt Check Uses High-Visibility Police Patrols

Posted May 16, 2023 by Matt Boulton

The month of May starts a busy time for Indiana’s roadways, as we see an increased number of Hoosier and out-of-state drivers traveling throughout the state for events like the Indy 500.

However, the warmer weather and added Indiana traffic also account for a greater risk of car accidents, as well as serious and/or fatal injuries.

For these reasons, Boulton Law Group is reminding Hoosiers that May 15th marks the beginning of Indiana’s Click It or Ticket seat belt campaign.

Started by our neighbors to the north, Canada introduced high-visibility seat belt patrols back in the 80’s. The results of this early test showed an increase in seat belt use, leading the United States to implement a similar program titled Click It or Ticket.

(The Click It or Ticket campaign has been an annual nationwide initiative since 2003.)

From mid-May through June 4th, the Hoosier state will launch its high-visibility seat belt patrol, meaning Indiana’s drivers will see additional police presence tasked with spotting and pulling over vehicles with unbuckled or improperly restrained occupants.

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In addition to drivers, any passenger(s) inside a vehicle, whether in the front or backseat(s) must be properly wearing a seat belt. Children under the age of eight (8) must be properly restrained in a federally approved child or car seat.

To learn more about proper use and installation of child car seats, you can use Find The Right Seat courtesy of the National Highway traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Additionally, Indiana offers free, statewide car seat checks by safety technicians. You can find the nearest child safety seat inspection center by selecting your county here.

What if I Get Pulled Over During Click It or Ticket?

First, it’s important to remember that Indiana’s seat belt laws are in effect 365 days a year. And because these laws count as a primary offense, it means you can be pulled over at any time for no other reason than not wearing (or improperly wearing) a seat belt.

Click It or Ticket was designed with zero-tolerance in mind, so if you’re a driver who is pulled over, you’ll likely be ticketed and fined for non-compliance with Indiana’s seat belt laws.

Keep in mind, in addition to your own seat belt ticket, you can also be cited for each unbuckled passenger under the age of 16.

Keep in mind, in addition to your ticket, you can also be cited and responsible for the costs of every unbuckled or improperly restrained passenger/child under the age of 16.

Buckle Up the Safe Way

Attorney Matt Boulton has investigated a number of Indiana car accident cases that resulted in serious injury because one or more passengers were improperly buckled or restrained. As such, it’s imperative that seat belts be worn in accordance with their specific design.

Here are a few points to help ensure you are properly buckled:

  • Be sure the shoulder belt (upper belt) runs down the center of your shoulder and middle of your chest. (The shoulder belt should be away from your neck.)
  • Never place the shoulder belt behind your back, underneath your arm, or partially off the shoulder.
  • The lap belt (lower belt) should run across your hips. (The lap belt should not be across your stomach.)

In the event that you are pregnant:

  • The lap belt (lower belt) should always be placed below your stomach/belly, touching your thighs, and low and snug on your hip bones. (Never place the lap belt across your belly/stomach.)
  • Additionally, be sure to keep your belly a safe distance from airbags throughout your pregnancy. It is recommended that your breastbone always be at least 10 inches in distance from the steering wheel and/or dashboard. (Be sure to monitor this distance as you belly grows!)

As it relates to Click It or Ticket and Indiana’s seat belt laws, you can/will be ticketed if your seat belt is being worn in an improper fashion, clicked or not.

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