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Matt Boulton

Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyer

Say “Lafayette, Indiana” and many people immediately think of Purdue University, located in the sister city of West Lafayette. And while the Boilermakers rank high in popularity, there is a lot more to this ever-growing area of northwestern Indiana.

Located in Tippecanoe County, nearly 200,000 people claim Lafayette and West Lafayette as their home cities. And the population shows no signs of slowing down, as the retail and business sectors continue to expand, and young people from all over the world come to seek a higher education.

The growth has certainly been a plus for the economies of both cities, however, it has also come at a price in the form of personal injury accidents, such as car crashes and wrongful death incidents.

Lafayette Auto Accidents & Statistics

According to the 2017 Indiana Crash Facts Publication by Indiana University Public Policy Institute, local and state police recorded 7,275 vehicle accidents throughout Tippecanoe, ranking it 7th out of our state’s 92 counties for total number of collisions.

A closer look at this number reveals even more worrisome facts:

  • Of the 7,275 vehicle accidents, authorities recorded 11,577 individuals being involved. This includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.
  • Total number of individuals that suffered a fatality or wrongful death: 23
  • Total number of individuals that suffered an incapacitating injury: 144

(Capacitating injuries include any injury that non-fatal. This could include broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, etc.)

  • Total number of individuals that suffered a non-incapacitating injury: 1,259
  • The number of accidents that were caused by a speeding driver: 961
  • The number of accidents that involved a driver under the influence of alcohol: 136
  •  Total number of motorcycle accidents: 107

Lafayette Car Accident Example

Boulton Law Group has handled a number of high-profile car accident cases throughout Lafayette, including the following three-car collision that occurred in Fairfield township. 

As pictured in the diagram below, our client (Vehicle 2) was traveling westbound on South Street when the defendant (Vehicle 1), traveling eastbound on South Street, attempted to turn left onto N 31st Street in front of Vehicle 2.

Lafayette car accident diagram

Unfortunately, Vehicle 1 did not have the right of way and collided head-on with Vehicle 2.

A second collision happened when Vehicle 3, which was also traveling eastbound on South Street, was unable to avoid the rear of Vehicle 1, striking the center rear of the defendant’s car. 

The collision left our client and her son with multiple injuries, the most significant of which was a broken leg, sustained by the young boy. The severity of the fracture required our client’s son to be transported by ambulance to Franciscan Health Lafayette East Hospital.

Shortly after the date of their accident, the driver of Vehicle 2 contacted attorney Boulton with questions about her accident and the injuries she and her son had sustained.

Attorney Boulton conducted a free consultation and analysis of the potential claim for the driver of Vehicle 2, and it was determined that she would benefit from legal counsel in her case against the defendant driver’s insurance company (Progressive Insurance).

After presenting her case to Progressive Insurance, attorney Boulton was able to secure a settlement for the client and her son that included compensation for all medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Dangerous Lafayette Roads, Highways & Interstates

Every city has high-risk areas where the configuration of a road and/or its surroundings increase the chances of an automobile accident. As such, the Indiana State Police have developed a tool aimed at highlighting such areas.

The Daily Crash Prediction Tool can be used statewide to determine which roads have a higher than normal risk for accidents, and it allows users to select different hour blocks to account for traffic fluctuations, e.g., rush-hour.

The diagram below shows an example of various crash risks for Lafayette and West Lafayette between the hours of 3p.m. and 6p.m.

Dangerous roads in Lafayette and West Lafayette

In addition to the majority of downtown Lafayette and West Lafayette, you also see that certain sections of Interstate 65 are designated as having a high crash risk.

The diagram tells us what we would expect to be true, and that is the majority of collisions occur where congestion and heavy traffic is more likely to exist. 

The car accidents our firm have investigated usually involve an incident that has occurred on one of the following major roadways:

  • Interstate 65 – There are stretches of Interstate 65, near and around Lafayette, that curve and wind as well as contain more elevation than other areas of the interstate. This can lead to especially dangerous conditions during the winter or when roads are wet.
  • US 52
  • US 231
  • State Road 25 (SR 25)
  • State Road 26 (SR 26)
  • State Road 38 (SR 38)  

Ultimately, the majority of Boulton Law Group’s investigations reveal one or more of the following to be a main cause or contributing factor of a collision/crash:

  • Speeding
  • Congestion
  • Construction
  • Distracted driving
  • Seasonal weather conditions 

Emergency contacts for Lafayette accident victims

If you have never been in an accident, it can be hard to predict the type of help you may need. There will be various service providers, billing agencies, etc. Without an experienced Lafayette injury lawyer on your side, it can become confusing very quickly. 

Having spent more than 20 years helping local accident victims, Boulton Law Group has put together a list of some of the more common resources for Lafayette personal injury victims:

Lafayette Police Department Headquarters
20 North 6th Street #3
Lafayette, IN 47901

Lafayette Fire Department Headquarters
443 North 4th Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

Franciscan Health Lafayette East Hospital
1701 S Creasy Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905

IU Health Arnett Hospital
5165 McCarty Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905

Fairfield Township Trustee’s Office
718 Wabash Avenue
Lafayette, IN 47905

Choosing a Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyer

With several years’ experience of investigating and speaking to accident victims throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette, attorney Boulton is aware of the analysis required to quickly and successfully analyze accident patterns and liability factors specific to incidents that occur in northwestern Indiana. As a result, he also has a keen understanding of how the Tippecanoe County Court systems work.

His experience as a Lafayette injury lawyer has proven to be a desirable and valuable asset for his clients, ensuring them that no matter the size, complexity, or type of injury case, they will have a tested and successful litigator on their side.

To speak to attorney Boulton direct, call 317-350-2680, or you can write to us with the details of your accident and injuries using our confidential contact form.

Indiana injury attorney Matt Boulton