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Matt Boulton

Merrillville Accident Ranking

Merrillville has the distinction of being Indiana’s most populated town, surpassing Fishers, Indiana in 2015. The people who make Merrillville home are part of a bustling city situated in East-Central Lake County.

In addition to its size, Merrillville is also located just south of Chicago, which populates its surrounding highways and interstates with commuter and commercial traffic that is making its way to and from the Windy City.

Given its geographic location and sizeable population, Merrillville also holds a less desirable distinction: It is positioned in a county that records one of Indiana’s highest yearly totals for automobile accidents.

According to the 2019 Indiana Crash Fact Book, Lake County recorded 17,821 total collisions, giving it the second-highest number of accidents throughout the entire state. (Marion County ranks #1 for Indiana automobile accidents.)

Lake County Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Matt Boulton has more than 25 years of experience helping Merrillville and Lake County accident victims with personal injury claims related to a variety of automobile accidents, including: 

In addition to auto cases, Matt has also represented a number of Lake County residents with other personal injury claims, such as:

If you were hurt through no fault of your own, we encourage you to speak with a Merrillville personal injury lawyer who will provide you with the following:

  • Free case evaluations.
  • Experience with Merrillville accident claims.
  • Familiarity with the Lake County court system.
  • Focuses exclusively on Indiana personal injury law.  

Hiring the right Merrillville personal injury helps to ensure your case strategy is overseen by a legal advocate that can efficiently counter the insurance company’s defense.  

Why Hire Boulton Law Group?

Matt’s goal for each client is to secure the maximum amount of possible compensation for their case, however, he also places equal emphasis on client service.

Having supervised the litigation department for one of Indiana’s largest personal injury firms, Matt was sometimes unable to provide clients with the level of care they deserved due to the sheer volume of cases he was forced to handle. As such, he decided there was a better way, so he opened his own firm to serve as a destination for injured Hoosiers throughout the state who sought an exemplary experience.

Matt understands the value in keeping clients aware of the status of their case as well as outlining a custom strategy for each individual he represents. His approach to law helps ensure each client Gets Treated Like Family.

Ultimately, Boulton Law Group’s goal is to help you recover the following types of compensation for your accident and injury:

  • Medical bills related to the incident
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Once your doctors have officially released you from treatment, Matt will prepare a demand package that outlines your experience and present it to the insurance company for review.

Demand packages are a professional overview of your injury, subsequent treatment, and a personal account of the accident’s effects on you. Once these pieces are in place, we present your case in the most powerful fashion possible.

Lake County Car Accident Case 

Boulton Law Group has investigated a number of Lake County and Merrillville automobile accidents that involved several types of liability and case facts, including the following rollover incident:

According to the Lake County accident report, the two vehicles involved, included:

  • V1 (SUV) traveling East on I-80.
  • V2 (passenger car) was traveling East on I-80 directly in front of V1.

The accident report further described the details of the accident in the following narrative:

V1 was traveling eastbound on I-80 at the 6.1 mile marker in the middle right lane when he swerved and lost control of his vehicle causing it to roll over and come to an uncontrolled stop in the right lane.

DI stated he was in the right lane when someone came into his lane causing him to swerve and then he łost control of his vehicle.

D2 stated she was driving her van and stated she was attempting to change lanes and did not see V1 in her blind spot, and after she heard the horn she swerved back into her lane and then observed V1 in the rearview mirror rolling.

  • the driver of V1 was placed at fault on the police report for “Overcorrecting.”
  • the light conditions were marked as “Daylight” by the reporting officer. 
  • the surface conditions of the roadway were noted as “Dry.”

Unfortunately, both passengers in V1 sustained injuries as a result of the rollover. In the days that followed, the passengers contacted Boulton Law Group to help them with their accident claims. 

In many cases, an experienced Merrillville personal injury lawyer will be needed to convince the insurance company to offer fair compensation.

Additionally, if you do not have a copy of your Lake County accident report, Boulton Law Group can help locate it on your behalf and review it free of charge. 

Emergency Contacts for Merrillville Accident Victims

Every automobile accident is unique, meaning you or your loved one may require a variety of professional services and care to help you through this time.

With this in mind, below is a list of some emergency service contacts that Matt has consulted with while working for his clients who were involved in a Merrillville accident.

Merrillville Police Department Headquarters
7820 Broadway, #1
Merrillville, IN 46410

Merrillville Fire Department Headquarters
7820 Broadway 
Merrillville, IN 46410

Methodist Hospitals Southlake Campus
8701 Broadway Mary Street
Merrillville, IN 46410

Pinnacle Hospital Crown Point
9301 Connecticut Dr
Crown Point, IN 46307

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Keep in mind, the insurance company does not work with the best interest of the victim in mind. This means that they will not reveal to you the maximum payout for your personal injury claim. Their goal is to decrease their exposure and offer a smaller amount.

For this reason, no matter the type or size of your case, we recommend that you ask an experienced Evansville personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation.

To help ensure no one has to face the insurance company on their own, Boulton Law Group offers every Evansville accident victim a Zero Fee Guarantee. The goal of our guarantee is to provide everyone with equal access to award-winning leal representation.

To ensure your rights are protected, speak to attorney Boulton direct by calling 317-350-2680.

If you prefer to write to us, send the details of your accident and injuries to us by using our confidential contact form. Attorney Boulton personally reviews every website contact.

We look forward to hearing your story and learning how we can help you!

Indiana injury attorney Matt Boulton