Negligent security can lead to serious attacks and injuries

Imagine going out for a night on the town but never returning to tell the story of what happened that night. Attacks that take lives can and do happen. Many could be prevented with better security.

As an example, consider this case. When a fatal stabbing took place in a bar in 2015, the owner was accused of having negligent security. In the case, the bar owner allegedly knew that the bar had gotten rougher over the years. It was alleged that his bar was a public nuisance and that it should be shut down.

The business owner was cited in 2015 for a stabbing. The stabbing resulted in the death of one patron. Another went to prison. The bar’s owner was cited for failing to maintain a fine reputation, determination of qualifications and public nuisance.

That means that the owner struggled to keep his bar open as he tried to obtain the correct permits. Without them, he alleged he couldn’t recover from economic injury. Additionally, he argued that since the stabbing, he’d changed the atmosphere of the club.

The family of the man killed wants to see the club shut down. Allegedly, the police had given the owner a list of changes to implement to make the club safer. They suggested eliminating drink specials, closing at 2:00 a.m., hiring security, using an ID scanner and having video surveillance. While he did implement some of those suggestions, he didn’t implement them all.

If you’re hurt as a result of someone not installing the correct security features, you could have a case. Our website has more on the importance of security.

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