Police release details of accident that killed an Indiana teen

Anytime a pedestrian or car accident takes a life, it is a tragic event. However, families and community members tend to mourn the death of a young person even more. It can be difficult to ignore thoughts of what that youth endured and what he or she will never experience.

This is what one Indiana town is experiencing after a fatal accident cut short the life of a teenager. The youth was only 15 years old when the accident occurred. He was an honor roll student at Columbus East High School and a member of the school’s football team. Local law enforcement indicates that the pedestrian/car accident appears to be accidental. The police have also released additional details about how the accident happened.

The accident report indicates that the motor vehicle, occupied by the victim and two other youths, pulled over so that the three could change their clothes. The driver of the vehicle then began to pull away from the curb, but accidentally hit the victim with the car. The report indicates that the victim was either getting out of or into the car when he was struck. He was taken by air to an Indiana hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Accident investigators are preparing an additional report with more details about the accident. Reportedly, “some degree of horseplay” between the youths took place before the accident occurred. The coroner’s office reportedly said that it would not release a cause of death until it receives the results of toxicology tests.

This tragedy highlights how fatal car accidents can sometimes happen without any warning. Hopefully, the investigation will show that this incident was indeed a terrible accident. However, you should never forget that anytime negligence plays a role in a traffic fatality, there are ways to find justice. Speaking with a personal injury attorney is an excellent first step.

Source: The Republic, “Details emerge in teen fatality,” Julie McClure, Feb. 22, 2017

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