Premises liability: A falling box injures you while shopping

Big box or warehouse stores in Indiana seem like benign places that pose few injury risks to shoppers. The next time you shop at one of these big box stores, take a good look around. You will probably see large boxes of merchandise packed from the floor to the ceiling, many of them containing extremely heavy items. What do you suppose might happen if one of these boxes fell on you?

You probably imagined all kinds of serious injuries. While most of these stores are well maintained, with merchandise kept securely in place, you should know that these kinds of accidents do happen. When they do, who is responsible for the injuries? In many cases, injured victims can sue the store, which enables them to acquire compensation for medical and other costs associated with the injury. There are three key ways to accomplish this goal.

— A premises liability lawsuit is viable if the store owner knew, or should have known, that the boxes presented a danger to shoppers and did nothing to correct the problem.

— Victims can also sue if it turns out that an employee lacked the proper training or supervision to stack or store boxes and other items correctly.

— If it is found that the employee was solely responsible for the accident, the victim may still hold the store owner liable if it can be shown that the worker was negligent within the scope of employment.

To ensure that any compensation you do receive for your injuries is fair, a personal injury attorney can provide additional information on your legal options. He or she can help you initiate a premises liability lawsuit while protecting your interests throughout the entire process.

Source: FindLaw, “Can You Sue If a Box Falls on You at a Store?,” Brett Snider, accessed March 29, 2017

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