Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Unlike big companies such as Nike or Apple, Boulton Law Group does not have a constant stream of return customers or a loyalty program. And it may sound strange for us to say, but this is great news. It means that our clients are not repeatedly getting into serious accidents!

In reality, the overwhelming majority of our clients are first-time accident victims. They have been hurt through no fault of their own and are now left wondering what to do next. It can be a confusing time, especially when they are faced with so many decisions, such as choosing an Indianapolis personal injury attorney to help them.

One question most first-time accident victims will eventually ask themselves: “What types of qualities should I look for when choosing a personal injury lawyer?”

We have put together a list of qualities that we believe to be the most important when seeking out an Indiana personal injury law firm.

Personal Injury is ALL They Do!

There are thousands of attorneys licensed to practice law in Indiana, and many of them will divide their practice into several categories of law. We often refer to these types of attorneys as “general practitioners.”

In addition to personal injury claims, general practitioners may also handle family law, criminal law, traffic violations, etc. And while the attorney has the right to focus on a wide array of case types, it may also mean that the majority of their experience is not devoted to personal injury.

Instead, we believe you should consider hiring a law firm that focuses exclusively on Indiana personal injury law and all of its many subsets, including cases such as:

There is a lot to be said for repetition and familiarity with regard to personal injury claims. Hiring an attorney who works on these cases each day helps to ensure that they will be acutely familiar with Indiana’s local accident laws, insurance company tactics, and other nuances specific to personal injury claims.

Ultimately, choosing a personal injury law firm that maintains an exclusive focus on accident-related claims may also help to improve the chances that your case will settle successfully and that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Put another way, we want our dentist to have a lot of experience with teeth, our opthalmologist to have an acute understanding of our eyes, and our accident attorney to be focused on personal injury claims!

They Offer a “No-Win No-Fee” Promise

Many of Indiana’s personal injury law firms will work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they are paid a fee based on the amount that they recover on your behalf.

For example, if your attorney charges a 1/3rd contingency fee, and they recovered $100,000 for your case, they would be paid 1/3rd of that total, or just over $30,000, for their legal services. (Of course, this is a generic example that doesn’t account for nuance and details specific to a real-life claim. You will want to carefully read the firm’s retainer that explains how their specific contingency fee arrangement works.)

As part of our “No-Win No-Fee” promise, Boulton Law Group offers every Indiana accident victim a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that we will never charge for a legal consultation, and the only way our firm is paid is after we make a recovery on your behalf.

In addition to ensuring everyone has equal access to award-winning legal representation, our guarantee also helps to create a risk-free experience for our clients.

They Have Positive Reviews

Online reviews have become an important part of our lives. No matter what type of help we are looking for these days, most people rely on the experiences of others to give us an idea of the level of service we might expect from a business.

It is always nice to see client stories and reviews on a law firm’s website, but you will also want to check third-party sources, such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews, etc.

Also, be mindful of whether or not the law firm replies to the reviews. We believe this is one small signal that indicates the firm is responsive and appreciative of their former clients.

Along that line of thinking, we also recommend that you choose a personal injury law firm that operates in a manner which speaks to your personal style and temperament.

The Law Firm Has a Clear Identity & Reputation

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it is possible that you will be partnered with your law firm for several months. With this fact in mind, we believe it is important that you look for a law firm that meshes with your personality.

For example, a firm may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertisements, take as many cases as possible, and operate in a more mechanical fashion. This type of model may also consist of settling clients cases as quickly as possible.

And while that may be suitable for some clients, Boulton Law Group was built and designed for the accident victim that is seeking personal attention and a custom approach to settling their case or, if needed, preparing it for trial.

In fact, we are sought after by accident victims throughout Indiana for our dedication to the client experience. While we work to win your case, we also make sure you Get Treated Like Family.

Unsure if You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Many accident victims are unsure if their case will require the help of a personal injury lawyer. This is normal, however, the best way to determine whether or not your case will benefit from hiring an attorney is to contact a trusted firm that focuses exclusively on personal injury and maintains a statewide practice.

Attorney Matt Boulton has more than 20 years’ experience helping injured Hoosiers and their families navigate the claims process. His success and approach to client service have led him to be sought after by clients from every corner of the state.

Boulton Law Group offers Indiana’s accident victims a Zero Fee Guarantee. Our promise helps to ensure that everyone has equal access to award-winning legal representation.

To speak to attorney Boulton direct, call 317-350-2680. If you prefer to write to us with your story, you can use our confidential contact form. Attorney Boulton personally reviews every website contact.

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