Security teams need to keep an eye on club and bar visitors

As a person who goes to bars and nightclubs, the increase in terror attacks and violence in these venues may disturb you. As you decide if you want to continue going to music events and dance clubs, you start to consider the security at these locations. Is it enough to keep you safe? What should security do to prevent injuries to the people inside?

Most clubs have bouncers who throw out individuals who are underage, causing trouble or otherwise unwanted in the club or bar. Some clubs and bars do have their own security services, though. What should the security members do?

They need to start with the line and door. If they aren’t watching the door, anyone could come in with weapons or drugs, potentially causing a threat to the people inside. Many security members take time to watch the door and line for people acting oddly. They help keep out people who are already drunk or intoxicated, and they often prevent those getting into fights from entering the venue at all.

Inside, the security team needs to be part of the mix. Some might blend in on the dance floor, and others might hang out near the bar. Most have ways to communicate with each other, so they can keep an eye on everyone in the bar or club from their positions.

If there is a threat of weapons coming into a club, it’s a good idea for clubs and bar scenes to have metal detectors and security guards who are aware of what to look for. If they can prevent the items from coming inside, many problems can be avoided. If they are negligent and fail to watch the line or door, then people could get hurt, and you could be able to seek a lawsuit.

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