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Semi-Truck Blind Spots: Stay Out of the “No Zone”

Posted Mar 07, 2021 by Matt Boulton

Having investigated a number of semi-truck accidents throughout Indiana, attorney Matt Boulton has reviewed multiple police reports that determined the crash was caused by a trucker’s inability to see the other vehicle(s) involved due to a blind spot.

Each year, blind spots remain a leading cause of automobile accidents throughout the United States. And while every automobile has areas that obstruct a driver’s vision, the risk of being in the larger blind spots of a 40-ton semi-truck can quickly result in serious consequences to fellow motorists.

In fact, the blind spots of semi-trucks are so large, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has long referred to these high-risk areas as the “No Zone” in an attempt to raise public awareness about the visibility danger.

The first step toward protecting yourself against a commercial truck’s blind spot is being sure you can easily identify the semi’s No Zone.

Where are a Semi-Trucks “No Zone” (Blind Spots)

Indianapolis has seen a number of high-profile semi-truck accidents during the past few years. Put simply, drivers must be alert and aware when semi-trucks are present, and this includes being sure you are not positioned in any of the following No Zones:

Front No Zones

Due to the height of a semi-truck, there is an approximate 20 ft. area directly in front of the cab that is virtually invisible to a truck driver.

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Rear No Zones

The area behind a semi-trucks trailer has an even larger blind spot than the truck’s front No Zone.

If you are behind a semi-truck, there is an approximate 30 ft. area in which the driver cannot see what is behind them. This is yet one more reason you should never tailgate a semi-truck. 

Right & Left (Side) No Zones

Despite their larger side mirrors, extended blind spots exist on both the right and left sides of a semi-truck.

One rule of thumb says that if you are unable to see the truck driver’s face in the truck’s side mirror(s), they cannot see you, and this means you are traveling in a No Zone area.

It is also extremely important to know that semi-trucks require much more space to make turns than smaller automobiles. If you are sitting to the right or left of the truck while they are angling to swing a turn, you may be in their blind spot.

No Zone & Blind Spot Accidents

A No Zone or blind spot accident with a semi-truck can cause a wide array of injuries, either from the initial collision with the truck, or being pushed off the road and/or into another vehicle.

If an official investigation determines that a No Zone accident was the result of a truck driver’s negligence, the victim may be entitled to various types of compensation under Indiana law, including:

  • Medical bills (If one or more injuries result in a permanent disability, this can include future medical care costs as well.)
  • Lost wages for any time off work dismissed by a doctor.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Emotional distress, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

However, it is also important to realize that a number of collisions with semi-trucks have found the driver of the passenger vehicle to be partially or fully liable for the accident.

In these cases, a person’s rights to compensation may be reduced or altogether dismissed if it is determined that it was their negligence that caused the collision.

For that reason, Boulton Law Group always recommends that you have a personal injury attorney independently review your accident report. In some cases, the findings in the initial report and/or the insurance company’s ruling can be overturned with conflicting evidence.

Questions About a Semi-Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one were involved in a semi-truck accident, attorney Matt Boulton can offer free and friendly legal advice regarding your next steps.

An accident with a semi-truck is unlike any other automobile collision, largely due to the risk of injury, but also because of the unique laws and high levels of insurance coverage that are associated with these crashes.

Insurance companies potentially face an increased exposure risk following a semi-truck accident, and it is for this reason that Matt recommends you consult with an experienced Indianapolis semi-truck injury attorney before speaking to an adjuster.

To learn more about your rights and the total amount of compensation that may be available to you and/or your family, contact Matt directly at 317-350-2680. Or, if you prefer to write to us, you may use our website contact form.

Our Zero Fee Guarantee promises that you will never pay a consultation fee, and the only way our firm receives payment for legal services is after we make a recovery on your behalf.

Matt Boulton

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