Should I Hire an Attorney for a Minor Car Accident?

Imagine a personal injury attorney telling you that you may not need to hire him or her to properly settle your car accident claim. Surprised? It actually happens more often than one might think.

In fact, attorney Matt Boulton believes one of his first responsibilities to Indiana’s accident victims is to determine whether or not he feels their case would benefit from his involvement.

In short, if it is Matt’s opinion that your claim seems relatively straightforward, and only resulted in minor damages, he may suggest that you would best be served by handling the process on your own.

Of course, the question then becomes: “What qualifies as a ‘minor’ car accident?”

Minor Car Accident

Truthfully, it can be somewhat unfair to refer to any car accident as minor. After all, any collision has the potential to result in being a hassle, at the very least.

That said, from a personal injury standpoint, the following scenarios are examples of what Boulton Law Group might refer to as minor car accidents:

indiana car accident report

According to the officer’s report attached to the above diagram, Drivers of Vehicles 1 & 2 were at a complete stop waiting for a light change when the Driver of Vehicle 1 stated that his foot slipped off the brake, causing him to strike Vehicle 2.

The police report indicates that the estimated property damage was under $500 and neither driver reported any immediate pain or other complaints.

Additionally, the officer rightfully placed 100% fault with the Driver of Vehicle 1.

Assuming Driver 1 experienced no latent pain in the following days, Matt may view this as a minor car accident case to which he could bring no additional value to the victim.

Another example of a minor car accident case might involve two vehicles making contact with one another after backing out of adjacent parking spaces at the same time.

Neither of these examples is suggesting injuries cannot occur in minor collisions, however, if you have escaped a low-speed collision without any type of pain, consider yourself fortunate!

However, Matt has also been handling personal injury claims on behalf of injured Hoosier for more than twenty years and his experience has taught him that car accident claims are rarely simple.

As such, there are times when the insurance company may not cooperate, turning a minor car accident case into a more complicated matter that would benefit from an attorney’s involvement.

Insurance Company Not Playing Fair?

If your car accident resulted in minor property damages, no injuries, and the police report placing the other driver at fault, it is likely the insurance company for the other party will accept liability.

In these cases, the insurance adjuster will provide you with instructions on the accident claim and property damage process, which should be easy to understand and fully in your favor.

However, the insurance company may also side with their insured or attempt to place you partially or fully at fault for the accident.

In other instances, the insurance company may minimize a person’s injuries or attempt to low-ball them with an offer that feels less than adequate.

If either of those scenarios arises during your car accident claim, you might wish to seek the opinion of an experienced Indianapolis injury attorney, as they may be able to help you with the following:

  • Gather additional evidence to counter the insurance company’s version of liability.
  • Officially appeal the insurance company’s denial of your car accident claim.
  • Properly document your medical history and pain and suffering.
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company.
  • If necessary, file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Specifically, Matt can help to advise you on what to expect for your particular case, as every car accident is unique.

Questions About a Minor Indiana Car Accident?

If you are unsure whether or not you would benefit from hiring an attorney, Matt offers all Indiana car accident victims a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you owe the firm nothing until we win your case.

In addition to helping injured Hoosiers understand their legal options, Boulton Law Group can help you determine if retaining an attorney may help to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your case.

To speak with Matt, call 317-350-2680, or write to him by using the firm’s confidential contact form. Matt personally reviews all website submissions received at the firm.

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