Should you hire a mega-firm personal injury attorney?

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a car crash, or perhaps because of a fall you took in the grocery store, you realize you need legal help. The question is, what kind of law firm should you contact? A friend thinks you should call a big firm that deals with every kind of legal issue imaginable, including personal injury cases. Uncle Harry suggests a smaller firm with a personal injury focus.

Your preference is an attorney who has lots of personal injury experience, who will carefully build a case, work closely with you and advocate on your behalf. Perhaps Uncle Harry has a point.

A little history

Huge law firms that bill extravagantly by the hour came to the fore in the last half of the twentieth century. Before that, attorneys worked in smaller firms, usually for a flat fee retainer. They were home-town lawyers who advised clients on a variety of legal and business matters. Today, clients want more personalized service at more affordable rates and are revisiting the smaller law firm concept.

Focus is a good thing 

The legal system is often complicated, and a small law firm with a single, personal injury focus inspires confidence that comes from placing emphasis on successful outcomes. For example, an attorney who takes the time to examine the scene of your car crash will use those findings to good advantage in the preparation of your case. A committed personal injury attorney will also engage the services of medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts whose information will be very valuable. During the preparation of your case, your lawyer will also keep you abreast of progress.

Attentive support staff 

Paralegals and office support professionals are there to add their expertise to monitor your medical treatments, answer your questions and track progress. This helps ensure that your case does not become mired in the kind of system delays that often occur at mega law firms.

The bottom line is that Uncle Harry was right to suggest you contact a small firm that focuses on personal injury cases, so reach out with confidence. An experienced attorney is standing by to help.

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