Staying safe near a farm pond helps avoid injuries

When you live near a farm, one thing you might love about the scenery is that there is almost always a lake. In most cases, these lakes are man-made and have a purpose. They collect runoff, prevent flooding and serve as an area where cattle or other livestock can get a drink or cool off.

It’s important that anyone who has access to a farm pond knows how to perform CPR and knows how to swim. What about people who live nearby, though?

For those individuals, it’s important that the farm pond is safe. Accidents are preventable, even in these locations. How? Here are a few tips.

First, make sure that there are buoys and a reaching pole somewhere around the pond. In the case that a person falls in, these tools make it much easier to get him or her out. If someone does fall in, the reaching pole should be used first. If that doesn’t work, use the buoy. Finally, a rescuer can enter the water if all else fails.

If children are going to swim at the pond, it’s important to have guardians present. No one should swim alone. Ponds should have fences around them. If the fence is broken or encourages children to enter, then the person who owns the farm should repair the fence to make sure that others know the pond is off-limits.

Safety is the main priority that should be on the minds of all farmers. If your child drowns in a pond or is hurt because the farmer was negligent, you could have a case. Our website has more information.

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