The most common symptoms of concussion and traumatic brain injury

A concussion is the mildest form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and they are not the easiest medical condition for doctors to diagnose — especially if an accident victim is suffering from multiple and serious injuries. For example, when a car accident victim shows up in an emergency room with a fractured spine, broken ribs and a heavily bleeding wound, doctors and surgeons will likely tend to the more visible and pressing injuries first.

At a later time, when the patient complains of various symptoms pertaining to a concussion or brain injury, doctors may discover a previously-undetected concussion or brain injury. Here are several of the most important signs and symptoms of concussion that doctors need to watch out for after a serious accident:

  • Headaches and head pressure
  • The loss of temporary consciousness
  • Feeling foggy-headed
  • Amnesia or loss of memory of the actual accident
  • Seeing stars
  • Feeling dizzy
  • A ringing sound in the ears
  • Vomiting or feelings of nausea
  • Slurring speech
  • Delayed responses to questioning
  • Feeling like one is dazed
  • Unusual levels of fatigue
  • Concentration difficulties and memory challenges
  • Personality changes
  • Feeling emotional or depressive
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Tasting and smelling challenges

Sometimes, the above symptoms of concussion and/or traumatic brain injury may not appear until days after the accident. Regardless of when these symptoms appear, it’s important to pursue a diagnosis and medical treatment for the injuries as soon as possible.

Victims who suffer from brain injuries may have the right to pursue legal claims in court. These claims, if successfully navigated, could bring accident victims money to pay for their medical care, pain and suffering and more.

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