These theme-park injuries can lead to serious injuries or death

Theme parks should have safety in mind when they design their rides and attractions. Unfortunately, not all theme parks are as safe as they should be. They are a place where fall accidents, drownings or other injuries can occur. Theme parks are typically held liable for injuries that are a result of the park’s negligence. For example, if someone who was operating a ride wasn’t trained properly and ends up causing a crash, then the people on the ride would have a right to pursue a claim.

There are a few different kinds of injuries you might be able to claim for including water slide accidents, animal attacks and roller coaster injuries. Here are a few examples of each situation.

Water slide accidents

The speed of the water on the water slide, the angle of the pumps, the friction of the ride and other factors play into keeping it safe for riders. If a design defect leads to a person falling out of the ride, he or she could be seriously hurt or killed, leading to a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Animal attacks

Any time animals are around, the proper handler should be there and monitoring it closely. If it seems like it is becoming scared, aggressive or excited, it’s a good time to walk that animal away to prevent bites. If someone is bitten, he or she could pursue a claim.

Roller coaster injuries

Stopping a ride too quickly can lead to whiplash, and rides with hydraulics that don’t work properly can release the safety gear too early, leading to fall injuries. If someone is killed as a result of falling out of the ride, his or her family may seek a wrongful death claim. On the other hand, those who suffer whiplash may have a personal injury claim.

These are just a few things that can happen at theme parks. If you’re injured, the premises may be liable for those injuries.

Source: FindLaw, “5 Ways to Sue Over Theme Park Injuries,” Brett Snider, Esq., accessed July 19, 2017

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